Born Again Pews is here to help you sell your used church furniture.

Born Again Pews has been Helping Churches Grow since 1998! Our service has assisted more that 20,000 churches over the years, and we will be glad to list your church furniture for sale on our website.

This is not an auction, but a site where you can list your pews, chairs, and used church furniture for other churches, chapels, funeral homes, etc. to purchase from you. All transactions are between the buyer and seller, normally church to church. This is the main website for this type service.

Our Goal is to bring churches together to help one another.

Most sets sell in 4-6 weeks , although we will continue to list them for as long as it takes. (You probably already know how most churches work – slowly!) But, we have had many sets sell in 1 day after listing, some within 1 hour! Important note: unlike auction sites, there is no time limit for your pews to stay on our site! Changes or modifications are no cost to you. We only ask that you participate in our efforts by providing a contribution. This helps us to continue providing this ministry, and is not a selling fee.

The website is maintained by our staff, and all funds that come in go to support the website, advertising on search engines like Google, EBay, Yahoo, Bing, National Liberty Journal, Amazon, Pulpit Helps Magazine, Christianity Today publications Your Church Magazine, Church Business, Religious Product News, Christian classified ads, Family Magazines and other promotion of your pews, chairs and church furniture.

We have surveyed the results several times over the years to see how effective this service is in helping churches. We are please to report that we have seen an average of 94% of the listings are sold to another church. We feel that it would even be a bit better, but some churches make the decision to donate their pews to help another church, so we can’t count that they were sold. If you have a chance read our testimony page.

We are here to support your ministry efforts. This website has been bringing together churches to bless and help one another for about 14 years now, and we have assisted thousands of churches across the USA and Canada. This is the only place where you have churches helping other churches, as God intended.


  • There is no set cost to list your pews, just a donation as God leads.
  • There is no selling fee when you sell.
  • You can change your listing as many times as you need to at no cost.
  • There is no time limit, most sets sell in 4-6 weeks. If yours goes longer we will check in with you to see if a price adjustment is needed.
  • If you wish to give away your pews for free, we want to participate in that blessing at no cost to you, please go here.
  • We have learned that when you give, God opens doors for you. Lk 6:38


When listing your pews for sale, we request a donation to help us provide this ministry service. We have numerous expenses to provide this service, office expense, advertising, etc., and need your help. Many people ask us how much they should donate, so our Board has suggested 3-5% of the asking price. With your prayerful and generous support, we will be able to continue to provide this ongoing ministry service to churches nationwide!


In the past, we have tried asking churches to send us something after they sell their pews, and while nearly everyone was in agreement, too many churches “forgot” to send their donation. (45% of the churches that promised to send us something). Since we have commitments of staff, rent, advertising promises, etc it almost put us under.

We do not want to hire someone to send late notices to churches (it defeats our purpose). It is just much easier for all if you are able send something when you list with us.

If you are in a tight financial situation, please email us and let us know. We may be able to suggest helpful options.

To contribute, you can mail a check, or use Paypal. Thank you and God Bless!


  1. Sizes and quantities of your pews, pulpits chairs or other furniture.
  2. Good photographs of your furniture. While we prefer attached photos , you can also send original photos in the mail and we will scan them for you.
  3. Date of availability.
  4. Names and email of contact person, along with phone numbers.

We will never sell your email address or info!