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Testimonies sent to Born Again Pews...


It occurred to us that some of you might like to hear some testimonies or contact referrals.  Here are a few reports from recent churches we have served. Feel free to contact any for verification.  Please also send us  your comments!

Set 5863 -  Zion Lutheran Pittsfield MA

Thanks to your wonderful listing we have sold most of our pews! One sale is still pending finalization.  Thanks for your help!

Judith Weiner

Set 5862 -  Resurrection Lutheran Franklin Park, IL

Please mark all of our pews SOLD!  We are very grateful for the service ministry that you provide.  We had lost hope of selling our longest pews but an offer came in last week for all of them!

Thank you for your assistance!

Barbara Miralgio

Resurrection Lutheran

Set 5805 - Lake Como Church of Christ

Thanks to your website, we have sold most of our pews.  Thanks so much for your help.  We appreciate the good work you guys are doing. May God continue to bless you in your efforts!

Jackie Thomas

Office Manager

Set 5854  - GONE IN 4 HOURS!



We need to remove our listing for pews....

Within 4 hours of your posting, we donated all 61 pews to a church about an hour and a half away.


Thank you for your time and assistance.


Brad Woodbury

North Love Baptist Church

Rockford, Illinois

Set 5837  - SOLD IN 2 WEEKS

I need to delete set #5837.  They have been sold and I want to thank you for your web site.  Very quick selling on this site.

This site was a God send for our church.

We were wanting to do some things and had to sell some pews to get it done.

We tried other sites to try and sell them, to no avail.

When we found out about this site we put them on it and they were sold in 15 days.

We had many calls and we are grateful for all of those that were involved in helping us.

God Bless,

Buddy Bressett

North Kannapolis Wesleyan Church

Kannapolis, NC

Set 5795  - SOLD IN 7 DAYS

Rev. Scott;

I hadn't even had the chance to mention it to our financial people before the pews sold! And I still have people writing and calling about them! Wow! I had my doubts when i listed, but your site really works!

I'm going on a long overdue (by 30 years) honeymoon this weekend, so I will leave the message with the ladies who sign the checks. Thanks again!

Ron Sutler, asst pastor

Gloversville Wesleyan Church

Gloversville, NY

Thank you for allowing me to give these almost new pews away on your website. I have had lots of callers from all over the country wanting them. I would love to know what you would charge me to advertise my business on your site. Maybe I could sell a few custom tee shirts. 

Ronny Dove


Manteca Freewill Baptist Church - Manteca CA

I would like to post a large THANK YOU😆 to for the donation of our pews from Modesto Covenant Church.  Answered prayer and a blessing for us!!!  Pastor Jeff and List Hunter

I just wanted to update you. I'm SOOOOO grateful for this website. I was able to connect with a WONDERFUL CHURCH in Delaware. The Go Church was absolutely AMAZING, what a blessed connection. WE FOUND OUR PEWS and they even discounted them. From start to finish the people were just incredibly kind and facilitating. We went to view the pews and they looked better than the pictures. We returned days later to transport and now we have those beautiful pews in our church. Our congregation was ecstatic. Thank you so much. You are providing an incredible service. These pews match our sanctuary better than the original ones I traveled to see during the bad experience. Thank you for changing the information concerning those pews on your site. Please know that you are appreciated. God bless!!!!

 Apr 19, 2016   Angeline Adams

Dear Friends at Gabriel Church Services,

This letter is to thank you for your usedpews.org ministry. We listed our pews not that long ago and they are sold and will be picked up in about 10 days.

I do not know how we would have gotten work out if it were not for your website and service. 

Serving Together,

Rev. Gary Hashley

Set # 4919 is completely sold thank you for your help, I have recommended you to other churches looking to sell

P. John

Our pews have been sold, thanks to you and your website.


Christ is Risen!

I really want to share our church's experience with you, about your website. What a blessing it has been! Let me give you the short version of our story.

A year ago, at the end of January, we lost our church house to arson. By a parishioner. Who we all knew and loved. Someone who was mentally ill and had recently refused to take his medications. The loss was more than total. "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me....." I tell you, those words were heavy in my heart that rainy Sunday morning as we arrived at church only to see the destruction. But, God had a plan.

We moved into a newly built, beautiful church in February this year. Just over a year after the fire, we are so grateful for the abundance that God has sent our way! This is where you come in.

Someone had mentioned your site to me. For about six months, I prowled it every morning, searching for pews that were: 1. in our area, 2. the right size and 3. in the best condition we could find. Then it happened - I saw the listing that KMC Hollywood had posted. Almost the right length, the correct number of pews, the right color, they even had an Orthodox Christian budded cross carved on the ends of each pew. It was a Thursday. I drove up to Hollywood the next morning at 5:00 so as to beat the traffic, saw the pews and bought a very short one to take back to our Parish Council meeting the next evening. At this meeting, we voted a resounding "YES!" to presenting them to the parish after Liturgy the next day, Sunday and if we could raise the needed funds asap, to go ahead and buy them. The next morning, just hours after presenting this little pew to everyone, the necessary funds were pledged and I called KMC Hollywood to let them know we wanted them.

Another parishioner and I rented a 26' U-Haul (!), arranged through Craigslist to hire two movers to help load the pews, and on Wednesday morning, again hit the road at 5:00 a.m. It was all I could do to not paste a banner on the side of the truck saying, "We're on a mission from God!" or "Will pray for Starbucks gift cards!" But I digress. After some pretty tricky backing-up, we were good to go with the loading. This is where more miracles start coming in. We fit all 28 pews into the U-Haul. Seriously, it was an act of God. Even the pulpit that KMC threw in for free, fit in! As we were staring at wonder at the loaded U-Haul, I turned to the KMC representative, (KMC is short for Kadampa Meditation Center, they had purchased a church for their facilities, and as a Buddhist meditation center, they use the floor and not pews) and said, "Look - your pews are being reincarnated!" God is so good that He made it right for both us, and them. When we arrived back at our parish, there was a crew of pew unloaders, cleaners and movers. In less than a week from start to finish, we had a church full of perfect pews.

As a side note, we thought we would need to cut them down by a foot or so. Turns out, the length is perfect! They did not, however come with kneelers, which is important in the Orthodox Christian faith. When I contacted the company we had been working with about buying new pews, Cardinal Church Furniture, about having the kneelers put on, they asked that I send photos to see what they were dealing with. Here comes another miracle. When the owner saw them, he wanted to know where we got them. I told him about Usedpews.org and the rest of the story. He told me that his own father, the founder of the company, made those pews over fifty years ago. And that just a few years ago, they refurbished them for the church where we bought them. Yes, God is so good.

Thank you for your site. I hope that more churches learn of the blessing that you truly are. Because of you, we have outfitted our church with beautiful seating, at one-third the price of buying new. From a fire of a year ago, we have risen. To be a shining beacon of Christ's love in eastern San Diego county.

Truly, He has Risen!


Celeste Shenas

St. Gregory of Nyssa

Greek Orthodox Church

El Cajon, CA

Facebook: outoftheashesachurchrises

Good afternoon,

I'm happy to say that we sold our pews, thanks in large part to your website. We received our asking price and are on our way to refurnishing our chapel space. I am so very pleased at the results!

Thanks, again, for the service you offer.


Rev'd Christopher Montgomery, pastor
Church of the Brethren in Drexel Hill, PA


My pews were spoken for within 24 hours.  A woman from North Jersey had them picked up by a huge semi truck.  They were taken to a ship yard and loaded into a container.  All 27 pews are on their way to Ghana to her brother's church.  Blessings all around!

Thank you for the service you provide.  I must have gotten 2 dozen calls.  Please remove the pews from the listing. 
God Bless You,
Lee Whitton
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 

Your service is working too well - I have had tons of interest in the pews.  Please take the posting down as I don't want to disappoint people.

Thanks and God bless, Matt

The set of pews I advertised, has now been given away.  They were claimed in less than 12 hours! Thank you so much for your website.  It was a big help to us and I'm sure the pews will be put to good use by those acquiring them. Thanks again,
Dennis Jackson
Spartanburg, SC

I can't tell you how much your service is appreciated!  We have had a TON of calls!  Good job!

Thanks for everything Usedpews.org Is great and we successfully sold the Church pews by the end of may! 

Hi,   I’m writing to let you know that last Friday, we sold our chairs as a result of someone finding them on your website. We got less for them than we originally hoped, but the church that bought them is a new church plant in New Jersey, and are happy to have “real” chairs after borrowing and renting chairs. Thank you for your service. It served us VERY WELL.

Chaplain Douglas Graham; Director of Pastoral Care; Peter Becker Community Harleysville, PA

Thank You. You folks have been great to work with.  We have recommended you to several other churches.

Peace… Jeff Olson; St. Thomas More, Sarasota, FL

You were a great help to me regarding my listing.

 In Christ, Nancy Smith

Greeting Gabriel Ministries,

I am writing to thank you for helping us to be a blessing to TBOC Ministries here in Houston. Our used pews were listed on your site for only a few days before Pastor Perry contacted us and arranged to pick them up.  

Thank  you very much . 

Reverend Henry M. Carey,III

Minister of Congregational Care

Gethsemane missionary Baptist Church

Dear folks at Gabriel Church Services and usedpews.org,

I wanted to inform you that we sold all our pews today [set #3728] to
a newer and growing church from our own town of Gillette in Wyoming!
The treasurer of the church was searching for pews and anticipating
that they would have to travel to Georgia or Oregon to acquire and
transport pews, but found our listing on your site and was amazed!  A
delegation from their church visited Sunday afternoon and looked over
our furniture.  They decided to purchase all our pews, a pulpit,
communion table, and a small sound system.  We also were able to
donate our communion ware, a desk, and bookshelves to help them in
their work for the Lord.

Thank you for your very valuable service.  Even though we were in the
same city, it was your website that brought us together and we give
all the glory to Christ.

Incidentally, thank you also for your scammer page, as I did receive a
typical scam request (poor English, terrible punctuation) from a
"James in Auora, Colorado"  (even the city was misspelled).  I did a
quick search of the name MarkWilliams in the email address and found
the scam to be of Nigerian origin.

I will definitely recommend your site to others looking to give away,
sell, or purchase church furniture.

May God bless your ministry to help equip and strengthen churches and
believers in Christ.

Pastor David Berger
Gillette, Wyoming

Set 3609 Tampa, FL


Blessings in Christ: Thank you for posting our intentions to bless a church with our pews (#3609). We have had over 60 churches from all over the United States respond to the ad. The first church that called was from Jacksonville Florida, and we committed the pews to them. They responded within five minutes of posting. On Nov 11 2010 they showed up with a tractor trailer and hauled off 22 pews (20 at 14” – 2 at 10” – and 2 at 6” for the platform). We also blessed them with brand new carpet that we had donated to us but could not use.

Grace & Peace in Christ, Pastor Louie Vega

"A church from Georgia just drove off with our old sanctuary seating - thanks to your website. Didn't have it listed for 3 hours before they called to buy them."


Christian Life Center

Gibsonville - North Carolina


Set 3495 - Mars Hill NC  SOLD IN 2 WEEKS

Good morning.  Please note that we have now sold the pews and chairs we listed on your website.  We are delighted that not only our church but several other churches have been able to fill their needs through the ad we posted on your website.  You provide a wonderful service to faith communities.

Thanks very much.

Maxine Pendleton
St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church
Mars Hill, North Carolina

828 689-3719

Set 3305- Milford, VA

We have sold the last of our available pews, and would like to thank you for making it all possible!! We may fellowship again together in the near future, as we have some tables and cushioned chairs we are thinking of selling.

Until that time, may God continue to bless your ministry!! 

Nestor Saunders

New Liberty Baptist Church
Milford, VA.

Set 3183- Kennesaw, GA

Our church in North Georgia advertised donating our pews on your website.  Within two hours we had already received inquiries and received over 40 in all over the course of about two weeks.  We even received a request from Manila.  Thanks to your service, another church has been blessed.  I appreciate what you do for our wonderful Lord.

Set 3129 - King, NC

We have found a church to donate these pews to.  Thank you so much for your help. You may remove this posting from the web-page.  I do want to give a testimony about your website.  Our church started in a basement and soon moved to a store front.  After we grew out of the store front, the Lord seen fit for us to find an old warehouse to hold church in.  We had to spend so much to get it presentable and couldn’t afford pews.  We went to your website and found a church that was looking to donate their old pews.   We drove to Raleigh, NC to pick these pews up. These pews have been a great blessing!  The Lord has now provided us with an opportunity to purchase new pews and we wanted to share the blessing.  I am happy to say that the Lord has used your website to bless yet another church with the pews that were donated to us.  Thank you again for your ministry.  I will discuss with our pastor about a donation to your ministry.  It has certainly been a blessing.

Thanks again and God bless!

Burning Bush Community Church in King, NC

Set 3076- Matthews, NC

We have been receiving calls from all over since advertising with your site; I didn’t expect such great results! A church has made a deposit on all of our furniture to be picked up in a few weeks. Thank you so much for this great service.


Bishop Rick D. Brackett, Matthews Church of God

mcog@carolina.rr.com, 704-847-5625


Set 2891 - Willard, MO

We have given away the last of our pews. Thank you so much for all your help. You have been wonderful to work with and have been very accommodating. I am happy to be able to close the posting, we have had so much interest, your website works and is truly a ministry. May God bless you.

David Fairchild

Carpenters House

Set #2626 - Hartford, CT

Dear Gabriel Ministries,

Thanks you so much for your ministry. We really didn't think anyone would respond as quick but the phone call never stopped ringing. Thank you for the opportunity to share with so many others who are doing ministry. We all at Greater Faith Ministries send our thanks and love for the faithful friendship and business. What would we have done without the ministry! May God continue to use the ministry for his service.

Pastor T.C Pettaway, Greater Faith Ministries West Hartford, CT. 860-236-9673 or

1-877-31-WORD. www.gfwcministries.org.


Set 2616  - Lombard, IL


Thanks for the use of your site.  We were fortunate to have been contacted by a church quite quickly, and they are picking up the pews tomorrow.  I'm not sure how to remove our posting on the website.  Please provide instructions, or if it's easier, go ahead and remove it.  We're glad to see an inner-city church be able to take advantage of our good pews.  Your website ministry is a real blessing--press on!

Lombard Gospel Church

Jim Difino at 630-424-0510 or 630-599-0330



Dear Gabriel Ministries,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Living Word Center Ministries in Newark New Jersey wants to express our gratitude to your organization and the Jewish Community Center in Flemington New Jersey for your wonderful blessing to our church. One month after registering on your site we were blessed with nine wonderful pews.

May God continue to bless you and your ministry.


L. Phinn  201-518-7172

LWC Newark New Jersey




I just had to write you a note to say thank you so much for your website.  Because of your ministry, we have been blessed with 18 beautiful pews from the Free Pews section of your site.  Incredible blessings from this wonderful church, obedient to the leading of the Lord, provided for our new church plant.  We cannot thank you enough.  Not only have we received this wonderful material blessing, but also the blessing of meeting and getting to know the wonderful Pastor's from the giving church.  Keep up this wonderful ministry, as we have been poured into, we will pour out, and its because of your service to the Lord.
In His Service,
Renette Mann
THAT Church
Bartlett, TN

Dear Gabriel Ministries,


When we went to sell our pews, people asked me how I was going to sell them.  I told them I listed them on the web at www.usedpews.org.   They laughed at that the notion that someone would ever even look there.  However, in early fall, we listed our pews through your service, and they all sold within a couple of weeks.  Then everyone laughed a laugh of joy.  It was a fantastic tool for us and we are really grateful for the ministry niche you have discovered and provide.


Now, we have listed another piece for sale, and within a week we received a contact and a resulting sale!!


Thanks so much for your ministry presence and for facilitating such a great networking tool.  Trust me, I talk about Gabriel ministries and used church furniture.


God Bless,


Pastor Jeff Howell

Calvary Baptist Church

Jersey Shore, PA


Set #2444


Dear Gabriel Ministries,

    Thank you so very much for your service in dealing with Church furniture.  We got an excellent response and could have sold the pews several times.  They were delivered this last week so you can mark them sold.  Again thank you for helping our Center in getting our pews sold.  May God continue to bless you for your service.


Shep Rexrode

York Haven Community Ministry Center

York Haven , PA



Set # 2446 – Stanley NC

Thank You very much...we have sold our pews....2 Days after listing we had someone call. They came and looked and bought them!!!!

What a Blessing.

Thanks Again
God Bless You.

Josh Roberts   joshstanley@carolina.rr.com   
Community Baptist Church.

Set # 2440

Hello Friends,

This message is to let you know that, thanks to your ministry, we have sold our pews.  Rev. Scott told me that you had a 94% success rate with your listings, and I think that statistic must be too low!  We listed our pews on a Friday, made a deal on Tuesday, and the buyer drove from 3 states away to pick them up on Sunday.  What a mighty God we serve!  Our church can't thank you enough for being there for us to put us in contact with people we otherwise would have never had the resources to connect with.  You have truly been a blessing to our ministry and we can only pray that the modest donation we gave you is a seed into the tremendous growth and prosperity you are destined for.  Thank you again for your help!

Min. Larry Kerns, email 
God's Chosen Assembly Church
Simpsonville, SC

Hi, Can you remove the rest of our items now as we have sold everything. Your site was a blessing for our church I don't know what we would have done without it. GOD bless you for your work and devotion to all that use your site. Thanks again.


Gerry   gerryklo@cox.net

Apache Wells Community Church

Mesa Az.


Set # 2411

What a blessing your ministry has been to our church....Durkeetown Baptist
You can list our chairs as sold in only 1 day to a honorable, blessed, and
generous pastor from Brooklyn, NY!
He has been so kind and radiates God's goodness.
We were so blessed that we (My husband) donated the delivery of these chairs
by driving 4 hr, one way, to deliver them in person.
God is good!
Thank you!

Susan for
Durkeetown Baptist Church
Fort Edward, NY 12828

 Set # 2386 Burlington, Ontario
This is to let you know that we sold our pews today. A church in Toronto, less than an hour's drive away, has purchased them.
Thank you for your services. We really appreciate the fact that our pews were sold so quickly and that we were able to assist another church.
God bless you.
Major Fred Ash
The Salvation Army Community Church
Burlingtonk Ontario, Canada 

Set #2321

I could not remember what we must do to remove our ad for our pews.  We just
delivered our pews to their new church so you can remove our ad.  Thank you
for your help.  We had churches from all over world ask about them.

Let me know if I need to do something else.  THANKS!

Serving HIM,
Mike Duggan - Joshua 1:9
Markle Church of Christ
455 E Morse St
Markle IN 46770
(260) 758-2171

Set #2343

We have already found a church for the pews listed in set #2343! That was amazing, they went on the first day. If you have already received this information, well I am sorry for sending it twice! Be Blessed, thank you for your cooperation and for your ministry! 

Amy Dove

Palma Sola Bay Baptist Church


The chairs from the listing of Calvary Baptist Church, Inola, OK have sold.  This is Set # 2142.  We want to thank you for the success that our church experienced selling pews and chairs on your web site.  We will be more than happy to recommend your services to other churches.  Thanks again for your help.

Regards, Lynn Hill, Pastor


I would like you to take our advertisement #1905 off as we have sold this bus. Thank you very much for the great work that you are doing.

God Bless
Fred McMillen
Beatty Baptist Church

Set # 2096 Ripley, MS

This is to let you know the set of pews #2096 posted for the Tiplersville Church of Christ has been sold.  You can remove them from your website.  The service you provide was very helpful as we had many calls asking about them.  They were bought by a church in North Carolina.  Again thanks
Donnie Greene
156 Twin Lakes Rd.
Ripley, Ms 38663

Set # 2060  Acworth GA

I am very pleased to announce that we have sold all of our  pews available thanks to your website.  This has been a big help to our  school.  You may remove our ad as soon as possible.  Thank you again
for your great website and your marketing help.     

George Ruda    770-924-6328

The pews at Bible Baptist Church have gone to the Devine Worship Center in OK City, OK.  Please update our ad as soon as possible to indicate they are gone.  Thank you so much for your wonderful service.  It has been a long time since I have seen an organization do what they say they will do.  It is such a blessing to be able to share with others, and you have made the process simple and fast.  Thank you again!


Bro. Don (Big Gus) Gustke

Bible Baptist Church

Granbury, Texas

Set # 2150 Bremerton, WA  

Bremerton SDA Christian Church


Good evening,

Thank you for the wonderful service that you are providing.  We began receiving inquiries the second day, and the first caller is sending someone to see the condition of the pews and bring a check if he finds they are what was advertised.  This is making the whole process very simple.


Thank you very sincerely,

Barbara Davis

Greetings to you in the name our LORD. We {The Burning Bush Evangelistic Ministries} just wanted to express our gratitude to your organization.  We are currently small in number with big dreams.  A few years back we purchased an old historic church building needing lots of repair. The pews we were using were considerably worn and embarrassing. After discovering your site and reviewing it periodically, we eventually found pews in Chillicothe.

   Without delay we e-mailed Pastor Case and arranged to pick them up. Everything went as clock work. The pews have found a new home in our sanctuary, and seem to be as content as we are. We bid The LORDS blessing upon you. 

Betty Williams

Set # 2159 Simsbury, CT

Please remove my listing.  It sold about an hour after it became active. THANK YOU!!

Gerry Pastor 860-989-9302



Set # 2112 – Aberdeen KY  SOLD IN 15 DAYS

Just a note to let you know, we have sold our pews!!! Thank you for your service and what you do for the church community as a whole. Not only have you helped us find new pews, but you also helped us sell our old ones. God Bless and again thank you.

Brother Todd Phelps   PH 270-535-8498

Walnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church


Set # 2121   Shelby Township, MI

Our church (St. Thomas Community Presbyterian Church) did sell our Sanctuary chairs through your site.  The purchasing church is also in Michigan (close by) and their board members visited our church and approved the sale (we have a deposit in hand) this morning.  Our main concern was to find a church that could use these chairs as they have a lot of life in them still.  Your site was a great help in doing this. Thanks.  Also please remove our ad.  Regards Tim Card  (586) 781-3862.  Email

Sirs:  We have sold all of our pews located at the First Baptist Church of Raytown, MO.  Set #2094.   We had two sets.  One set sold within one week and the other the following week.  Please remove our ad completely from your website.  Thank you so much.

Paul Peterson

Set # 2072  Hollins AL 

The Hollins Church  of Christ has sold all items that you displayed for us. Thanks, it was fun dealing with many different people from many places. You may put a sold tag on our ad.

Hugh Scroggins (256)245-3026




Set 2095

Good Morning,


We have had such great response to our posting on your website.  Could you please update our listing with SOLD (since we no longer we have any pews left). 

Once again, thank you.   


Kathy Dotson


Stewardship Assistant

Nativity Catholic Church & School

705 E. Brandon Blvd.

Brandon, FL  33511

(813) 657-9787



We have sold all the remaining pews.  The ad can be removed now.  This is for the Set # 1780 in Royal Oak MI.

Thank you so much for your services.  We are very pleased to have sold them all using your website.

Hyun Chung

This is a testimony from "Casa del Alfarero #1" Community church on Houston, thanks to Gabriel Ministry Services site, our church has the opportunity to get free pews from Compass Community Church in Houston.  Thanks & Bless

Sandra Marin

Hi Rev. Scott,

        Set 2080 from New Life Church in Oak Ridge, TN sold in less than a week. Please indicate this on your web site. We got a lot of calls and I’ll be writing a testimonial for you. If you have any questions you contact me at home 865-330-2418.

                                Thank you and God Bless you,

                                        Bruce Jones

Set # 1903 – Nanticoke PA 

We have completed the sale of all our Church Chairs!!!!!
Great news!! and a great bargain for a local Pastor setting up a new ministry.
You can remove our listing ASAP.
Keep up the great work.
God Bless You all,
John Opachinski 570-740-2150

The Knights of Columbus Sacred Heart Council

Set # 2033 Rutherfordton, NC Has been sold if you can take it off I would appreciate it.
Your web site was awesome it attracted a lot of interest in our pews and pulpits. It was almost overwhelming the call and the emails I received inquiring about the items we have listed. I will recommend your services to others and thanks so much and I hope your ministry continuers to grow.

Warmest Regards,
Tim Ruppe

Thank you for listing our pews on line. I had listed them under Compass Community Church in Houston on Old Louetta Rd. These have already been picked up this past weekend so you can remove our listing from the site.  As a testimonial to your service, the ad hit the website on TH afternoon and I had a call within an hour or two.  Also received two more calls on Fri of congregations wanting the pews.  It is apparent that your service is greatly needed.  Thanks again for being available to provide such a valuable service.  If you could reply that you received this so we can be assured that we will be removed from your site. 

Ken Jackson


Dear Sir,


We have recently sold our pews and chairs.  We received a good number of responses! Please remove our listing (set #2053). We thank you for your assistance with selling our items.


God Bless You,

Judson Baptist Church




Set #2027 – Virginia Beach, VA

This is to inform you that the pews New Hope Christian Fellowship has advertised on your website have been sold. Thank you so much for your ministry to churches.  We were so blessed when they sold in a 24 hour time period!


On Behalf of

Rev. Peter B. Daley


Libby Damron

Office Manager/Director of Children's Ministries

New Hope Christian Fellowship

5045 Indian River Road

Virginia Beach, VA  23464



Set # 1987 – Grand Prairie TX 

Gabriel Ministries:


Thank you for your services.  I am from Calvary Full Gospel Church in Grand Prairie, TX pews from our church were listed on your site and they are now all sold.  You may remove them from your listing.  I received many phone calls through your service.  May God richly bless you.


Pastor Cheek

972.921.5047 or email


Please remove #1963 (Homestead First Presbyterian) from your used pew listing.  The pews have all been sold to a good new church home.  PRAISE THE LORD !!

You have been very helpful to us.  Thank you very much.  Your ministry
is effective.
Fred Barthel  Email

Set 1938 - Brookfield Il

The pews and light fixtures have sold, please remove from the listing.  Thank you so very much for your help in selling these items.  We would use your services again, if needed. 

God's richest blessings to you and your ministry.


Renate Porter

New Apostolic Church  708-790-3500 or email

Set # 1968  Carlyle IL

I am writing to tell you that the pews in set #1968 from Carlyle Illinois have been sold. I would like to thank you for your services. We sold these pews quite easily and would have never connected with a church in West Virginia with out your help. God Bless You and your ministry.

Troy Spaur
Carlyle Christian Church
Carlyle Illinois 62231

Set 1936 Penfield NY

We sold our pews the first week it was listed! Praise the Lord! Your service is a blessing.


Pastor Marshall Green  585-388-0850

Southeast Bible Baptist Church

Penfield, NY

ubject: Used pews set 1876

We have sold all of our furnishings.  Is there a way to indicate that on the web site so that people no longer contact us?  Things worked out very well for us thanks to this site and people are still inquiring.  Please inform us as to what we should do to indicate that these furnishings are no longer available.  Thank you very much.  The response was excellent.  God bless.


Bonnie Snyder

Calvary United Methodist Church

4700 Locust Lane

Harrisburg, PA 17109


Greeting to you Rev. Scott,

We are so excited here in Mississippi @ Mt. Gillian Ministries.  They are not here yet, but our pews are on the way.  All thanks and blessing goes out to the Pastor & The Bethel Baptist Church family in Lake Erie, PA.  I have had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. & Mrs. Bonnie Hess on daily basic, and this husband and wife team make giving feel heavenly.  Bethel Baptist has blessed our ministry financially, spiritually, and let’s not for get the wonderful new pews.  Thanks to you Rev. Scott and the Gabriel Ministries.  Who wouldn’t serve a God like Jesus and His Father.

May God continue to bless all of you.

Angela Brooks

I just wanted to say God bless you and the ministry you are providing for the saints throughout the country!  I placed an ad on your site Saturday, and by Monday evening I had several calls – all of which wanted the chairs we had to offer! We had 80 high quality church chairs to offer and my only regret is that we couldn’t accommodate ALL the callers. We’re in NJ and a church in Ga. was the successful securer.


Since this was so successful, we’re putting out another ad to bless someone else with more church furniture!


Thanks again and may the LORD keep your ministry alive and vibrant until He comes!


Pastor George K. Johnson, Sr.

Breaking The Barriers Christian Fellowship Church

1609 Derousse Ave., Pennsauken, NJ 08110

(856) 662-6579


Set 1874 - Erie PA 

Bethel Baptist Church

Rev. Scott,


We have three good prospects for the remaining pews and would like to remove our ad from your site.  Some of our pews are going to a church in Ohio and the rest are going all the way to Mississippi.  We are so thankful for your website and the response has been amazing.  We never imagined that anyone would want them.  May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.


Thank you

Bonnie Hess  email

Set 1849 - Hattiesburg MS

Hey Scott,

could you please post that all pews are sold, thanks for everything. Your site made the whole process easy and i was amazed at the responses. thanks again and God Bless.


Curtis Houston  curthouston@yahoo.com

St. Thomas Aquinas

Hattiesburg, Ms 39402

Dear Usedpews.org: 

Please mark our item, Set 1871 as SOLD.  We are elated to let you know they have been sold!!!  Wow, what a terrific site!  I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who has pews to sale.  The response to our ad on your site was tremendous!! They sold in just three days!!!!!!  You have been a pleasure to work with and you have a top notch website.  If any church has pews for sale, this is definitely the place to be.  Thanks again for such a wonderful blessing to so many churches.

Your friend in Christ,

Robilyn Pettit

Director of Finance/Administration
Woodridge Baptist Church
5707 Kingwood Drive
Kingwood, TX  77345

Thank you very much for posting our pews on the web site UsedPews.org We have received many calls and the pews have been sold. You many remove our announcement to sell the pews. Thank you for an excellent place to come and get a rapid response.

Elizabeth B. Izard, Recorder
Beulah Church of Christ (Holiness) USA
4649 Tara Woods Drive
Ellenwood, Ga. 30294

Set # 1814 – Marion IL - Abundant Life AOG

I want to thank you for your service.  We sold our pews very quickly--I only wished I would have asked for their full value, there were plenty of people who would have paid.  I had many responses.
You may take our pews off your web site now. 


Jeff Baker
Marion, IL
(618) 997-2136

Set # 1840 – Zanesville OH SOLD IN 1 WEEK


Thanks for your help with selling our pews.  You can take the add off of the website - you did a great job - we received close to 20 calls with the first one being the sale.  Thanks for your help. 


Brian Law

Rolling Plains UMC lawman59@juno.com

Set # 1825 – Romeo, MI  SOLD IN 1 WEEK


Good news! We’ve sold our pews to a church in Florida and they will be picked up on Saturday morning. We could not be happier. Amazingly, the timing of this and the arrival of our chairs could not have worked out better. It’s as if God’s hand was on the entire thing.


Grace and peace,


Adam McLane

Pastor of Student Ministries


First Baptist Church of Romeo




Set # 1799 St. Charles MO 

Dear Rev. Scott,


Thank you for your service.  Please remove listing 1799 from your website.  I actually have not brokered the deals yet but have enough calls to sell the pews ten times over. 


Again Thank You for your service,


Bill Southard

Grace Baptist Church  email 636-724-4879

Set # 1806 - Cleveland TN

Dear Scott,

Please be advised that we have now sold the pews to a group out of Hayesville, NC thanks to your web site. You provide a great and professional service and thank you for that. Should you need any information from me, please advise. Thanks again!

Tim McCracken   423 614-0108

Union Grove church of Christ    campingmac@aol.com 

Set # 1811 – Media PA  SOLD in 2 Days

You can stop our two listings, we sold them all.  It was great, and only took two days!!! Thank you so much.  Listings 1791 and 1811


Reformation Lutheran Church 

Bill Grauer at 610-591-2426 or 610-453-4078 or email


Set # 1808 – Parkton MD  SOLD IN 1 WEEK

Thank you for allowing us to list our pews on your website.  They were sold over the weekend!  You can remove them from your “FOR SALE” list.  We appreciate your ministry and thanks again for the help.  What we thought would be a daunting task turned out to be a BREEZE!   

Debbie Snyder

Hereford Assembly of God  herefordassemofgod@comcast.net

1211 Mt. Carmel Road

Parkton, MD  21120


Set # 1792 –Fulton Baptist Church Fulton MI  SOLD


We have sold all of these pews!  Thank you so much!  I'm so glad you intercepted my eBay auction.  I don't think we would have gotten nearly as much there as we did here!

Alicia aliciapearce@juno.com

I just wanted to say thank you for your ministry. Our church is in the process of renovating the Sanctuary and your web site was truly a great find. We purchased set #1808 and are scheduled to pick the pews up on the 18th of March. We are a smaller congregation in Brooklyn, NY but because of your ministry we will be able to complete our renovation with in our financial constraints. Thank you so very much


Presbyterian Church of the Redeemer of East Brooklyn

435 Etna Street

Brooklyn, NY 11208



Rev. Noreen Santos - Pastor

Set #1762 - Chantilly VA

Good Morning Rev Scott,


I want to let you know that all of our chairs have been sold as of this AM. 


We had an excellent response from the listing – they would have all sold the first week if it were not for transportation costs.  I had calls from the Gulf coast, Florida, Michigan, and Las Vegas.  Finally sold to a Lutheran church in Florence, KY.


Thanks again,


Ralph Morris  703-631-1687

Church of the Epiphany


Set # 1781 - Washington DC   Feb 06

We thank you so much for the valuable service you have provided. Your ministry  really reaches out and helps those in need - those who have a need for items and those who to desire to give those needs. God provides. I received more than a dozen messages and phone calls from across the country. I will share your website with others, especially with several churches that are involved as a result of our purchase of a new place of worship. One of my pastors said, you are an answer to what we thought was a great concern. We didn't realize the need to other ministries was so great. I wish I had more pews to donate. A church in Belle Haven, VA will be receiving our pews.


May God bless you for your great works.

Jennings Wong  brav006@yahoo.com

Trustee Chairman, The Chinese Community Church of Washington DC  

Set # 1758 - Portsmouth NH

Dear usedpews.org,


    We want to thank you for the fine service you provide. It made it easy for us to sell our chairs. If anyone has chairs for sale, this is the place to do it. We had many churches contact us from all over the nation. Please mark our chairs sold!  We are #1758 on your site.


Thanks again,

Bob Wing  calive@comcast.net

Set #  1733  - Port Orange FL  SOLD IN 1 HOUR

Our listing was on your site for all of an hour before a nearby church in need discovered it and will be taking both items! Helped them, helped us ..You can remove our listing for the pulpit/lectern and communion table.

 Great service you all provide. Thanks.

Tom Kodey 386-767-2354 or by email

Port Orange Church Of The Nazarene

Port Orange, Fl

Set # 1723 – Washington DC  SOLD IN 1 WEEK

Prayer Temple Apostolic Church -

Please take the pews that I recently listed on your web site off. We just sold them on Saturday of last week and we thank you for you help.. I wanted to ask a question though, I have more church items that my pastor wants me to liquidate. To be specific, I have antique stained-glass windows for sale. I was wondering if you all had a site for things other than pews?  (yes we do!)

Anthony Johnson  Good204@aol.com

Set # 1641 - Alexandria VA


 I am happy to inform you that Set 1641, six pews  from All Saints Episcopal Church, have been sold.  You may remove the 'For Sale' notice.

 I really appreciate the service you provide and especially the way you operate.  It's straight-forward, easy for the seller and buyer, and you meet some wonderful folks along the way.  When asked, I have been pleased to advertise your site and service.

 God bless,

 Paul Rae 703-960-4808 or email

Set # 1681 – Glendora CA            SOLD in 3 DAYS

Earlier this week I listed some pew chairs with you.  If all goes well, they will be picked up by a local church  in need of them on Sunday.  Even though we are in the same general area of the country we would have never  made the connection without your assistance.  Thank you.
Elizabeth Brown
Glendora, CA  626-335-9211 or 626-355-1682 or email  

Set 1628 - Blanchester OH

I just wanted to notify you that we have sold all of our pews, so you may mark them as "sold" on your website. I also wanted to thank you for setting up this website, it is a great resource for churches to find pews and chairs at great prices. We received 2 calls the day after we posted our pews for sale, and they sold in only a couple of weeks.
 Randy Newsome  rNewsome@Holidaygroups.com
 Trinity Missionary Baptist Church
 7822 ST RT 123 South
 Blanchester, OH 45107

Set # 1527 - Florence TX

Well,  all the pews have sold!   3 different churches were able to use them.  If you would be kind enough to remove our ad, it would be appreciated.    We received inquiries the entire time we had them listed...you can't get that response from any other form of advertising. Thank you so much for your valuable website. 

What a blessing. 


Brenda D'Amico


Set # 1653 – Apollo Beach, FL  SOLD IN 4 DAYS

Greetings Scott,

This is just to let you know that I have received an offer to purchase our all of our furniture and pews for the listed price and we should be affirming that with funds this  morning.   I also have another church that called me this morning and wants to be notified if this transaction falls through.  I also have had several other “interested” parties  call for just the pulpit, table, and stand.  Unfortunately, they did not affirm their interest with an offer until after I had agreed to this other one.  I told them that I would keep them informed if the status of our furniture became available again for some reason.


If this transaction completes as we agreed, it will only have been 2 days to list and sell our furniture with you.  And, the reason that the potential buyers were looking at our pews more than others, is just as you said: PRICE!  So, once our sale is complete I will notify you, and then you can use our transaction to promote your ministry.


Again, God bless you richly today…


Pastor T


1st Baptist Church

202 Flamingo Drive

Apollo Beach, FL 33572


813.645.1409 Office

813.634.6988 Home

813.786.9232 Cell

Set # 1616 – Marietta GA   WE GOT OVER 50 CALLS!

Please remove the listing, our pews are sold!

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church,  Jerry Maxfield at 770-795-3220  email

Set # 1607 - Lancaster PA

Thanks so much for your website. You can remove set 1607 from your listing. We received a check for the pews yesterday and the folks are coming to pick them up next week.  We had no idea that our old pews had value (we almost threw them away). But instead, the sale provided us with the funds to replace our old worn out carpet. Thank you!

Douglas   djenck@lancastercma.org

Re:  Pew Set #1642-Pleasant Ridge Missionary Baptist Church in Camden, TN

 SOLD!!    We sold our pews fast!  I recommend using this site to anyone who might be apprehensive about it.  We talked to many nice people all over the country.  I doubt that we would have sold these without using this site. Thank you and God bless.   Beverly for Pleasant Ridge Church, TN

731-586-7453 or email

Set # 1638 - Roswell GA

Rev. Scott,

 We have sold the chairs!  I wish we had 5000 more to sell. Thanks for having a great site for houses of worship.



Richard Liebman email

Temple Kehillat Chaim

Set # 1625 – Klamath Falls, OR  

We sold these pews and are being loading on an 18 wheeler truck today.   Thank you very much for your website.  We actually started talking to the buyers within 2 days of posting our pews.

Dr. Shelley A. Gale,  Pastor  email 
Immanuel Baptist Church    www.anchoredintheword.net
Klamath Falls, Oregon
(541) 884-8934

Set # 1594 - Noblesville, IN

Please remove listing #1594 from your website. We sold our pews through your services.  I was really surprised at the number of inquiries I received after listing with your site. We sold them easily without any problems. I could have sold them many times over from our listing on your site. It was well worth the time. THANK YOU.

Scott Apple   317-773-2411 or 317-748-7002 or email

Noblesville, IN

Set # 1631 – NW OHIO  SOLD in 1 WEEK

Swan Creek Community Church of Knoxville TN has sold their pews in 1 week.

Please remove #1631 from the listings.  They are now sold and already picked up.  We received approx. 12 calls and e-mails – could have sold them several times.  Thanks for you help.

Dan Palmer, Director, 865-607-7675 or 865-604-5020 or email

Set # 1589 – Coldwater MI 

Hi!  Thank you so much for your help.  Your site has truly been a blessing for us.  We have sold our pews so we no longer need them listed.   Thanks again and God bless you!

 Jennifer Smith

Coldwater Wesleyan Church email

Set # 1620 – Wharton TX   SORRY SOLD

Thanks for your help in selling the Wharton pews....I could have sold 1000  of them....I got about 25 calls.....

Please take the "for sale" reference and picture off of the website....Dale Brown 979-532-1130 or 

281-240-8782 or  email  The Church of Christ   

Hi! Thanks for listing our pews (1606 – Westerly Road Church). I got a call hours after the listing 

went up and the first 18 pews were picked up today! I’m on vacation and don’t have access to my 

first listing in easy form or a printer … could you please make these changes? AVAILABLE NOW,

 6 pews + 2 privacy panels.  Thanks. Please email with questions.

Amy cdbaldwin@avaya.com  

Set # 1586 -  St. Alphonsus Whitestone NY  SOLD IN 2 WEEKS

Just a word of thanks to this wonderful web site.  Set 1586 has been sold and we are (at this moment) loading them up to be shipped from Whitestone NY to Saskatoon, Canada.

This is a valuable service that you are offer and I know that we were certainly ecstatic to be able to help a fellow church get started with some pews that they needed.


Thanks again and may God continue to bless you and your ministry (and this Web Site)!!!


Peace & Prayers,
Fr. Paul     PaulBrow@aol.com 

Set # 1604 - Gone in 5 days!  Lake Forest IL   

Our pews have now been spoken for - pickup is arranged for Thursday.

 It's been great to be able to work together with other churches in this way!  Thank you for your service. :-)

 - Mary Carlson  Christ Church Lake Forest

I'm happy to say that our pews Set # 1497 - Keeseville, NY Good Shepherd Church of the Nazarene have sold and you can now delete the listing. Thank you so much for this valuable service. Without it, it is doubtful that we could have sold our pews. May God continue to bless your service.
Don Sykes
Trustee    churchofnazarene@charter.net

Set # 1566- Milford CT  SOLD IN 2 WEEKS

Dear Pastor Scott,

Just wanted to let you know that the entire listing sold.  We just received a deposit for the pulpit and all the pews from the church I mentioned below.  What a wonderful ministry you have!  Thank you for all of your time, patience, and effort in the sale.  I do not know what we would have done without your website listing services.  Also, thank you for alerting us to potential scammers—we did have quite a few e-mails from Australia and the UK, which we promptly deleted.

Best Regards,

Kent Johnson  kjohnson13@yahoo.com 203-877-9536

Set # 1557 - Community Evangelical Free Church, Harrisburg PA  SOLD in 3 WEEKS


The pews have been sold!  Thank you so much for your help in this – it went very smoothly and

 quickly, and we were really impressed.Please contact the church at 717-545-1354 if you need any other info or have any other questions.

Thank you!

Chere Edwards

Community EFC of Harrisburg

Set # 1572 - Matthews NC  - Sold in 1 week

What a great thing! I received my first contact on Monday morning and have now sold most of the pews. Only 2 of the 14' pews remaining. The 2- 10' pews also sold . Still waiting to hear about the pulpit furniture. We are dialogue.


Doug Irvin  doug@tricountychurch.org <doug@tricountychurch.org>

Tri County Community Church

Set # 1522 - Avon IN 

Dear Sir/Madam:

We listed our pews on your site and we obtained a buyer through your website.  We had many 

inquiries and had a list of many potential buyers.  Thank you for your help. You may remove our

 information from your site now.  The pews have already moved from Indiana to Michigan.

Crossroads Apostolic Church

Curt White  email

Office:   317-888-1177

Cell:      317-695-0366

Set # 1499 - Independence MO

 First - let me say - we listed our pews on two sites - but it has only been your site that we have received responses from.    Secondly - the response has been tremendous - we've actually sold 10 pews and have had many - many interested individuals and churches. Thanks so much for making your site available to help us sell our pews!  Please feel free to use our testimonial on your site!

Bev VonHolt

Independence Seventh-day Adventist Church

816-836-3582 or 816-373-4202 or email

Set # 1508 - Bridgeton, NJ 

Well, we have sold all our pews.  Please remove our listing. 

Many people told us that they were interested in buying our pews, but when it came right down to it, every pew that was sold was through contacts from your website. Thanks for this wonderful service you are providing!  Our new rug is in, and our new pews have been installed and everything will be ready for church on Sunday morning.


Ken Brattlie   856-451-5545 during business hours,   or email .

for West Park United Methodist Church  

Set # 1533 - Grand Junction  CO  SORRY SOLD in 5 DAYS

Hi Scott . . . Our pews sold in about 5 days! We were amazed. I know .  "where's our faith?" We are still working out delivery with our buying church, but we think we'd better take the info off the website. I've had to turn down two other callers because we sold our pews very soon after them being on the website. Thanks so much for this ministry. I hope you receive (or have received) our check soon.
Thanks again so much!
Zema Chambers,  Creative Arts Director email
New Horizons Foursquare Church  (970)243-2484

Set # 1496 - Creedmore NC  SOLD

Please remove Fellowship Baptist Church in Creedmoor, N. C. from your list of used pews for sale. 

We sold our pews within days of listing them on your web site, we are still being flooded with inquiries about the availability of the pews and need for it to stop.

Thank you,
Vernon Hughes

919-528-1943 or 919-483-5150 or email

Set 1518 - Taccoa GA  SOLD IN 15 DAYS

I want to thank you for your website.  We sold our furniture yesterday.  A church in Alabama drove to our church and brought us a cashiers check for the total amount we were asking.  Please mark our listing as SOLD.  We really appreciate your service.
In Christ,
Andrea LaCount  


New Hope Baptist Church
Toccoa, Georgia


Thanks to your wonderful web site we have been receiving many inquiries for our pews, and have already sold some of them. Can you please update our ad as shown below to reflect that there are now only (28) 14' pews left and (3) 10' pews left. The 7' and 5' are sold.  The communion rail is still available.

Thanks for everything.


Ken Brattlie

(for West Park UMC - Bridgeton NJ)

Tel: 856-451-5545

e-mail: ken@quantaflex.com

Set # 1504 – Pembroke NC  

Good Morning Rev. Scott, I wanted to thank you for your services.  This has made church renovations much easier and less of a chore.  Again, thank you and your ministry. Also, pew set 1504 from Sandy Plains UMC has been sold.  You may remove our request from your website.  We had several offers the next day and the days to follow after they were advertised on your website.  Thank you.  May God continue to shine His face upon you.Bob Mangum, Pastor Sandy Plains UMC 910-521-8600 or 910-734-2210 or email


Set 1505 - Baltimore MD   SOLD IN 1 DAY!

Hi my chairs have sold. Pastor Kevin Pushia from Baltimore Maryland. hab140@hotmail.com 410-802-6427. Could  you please list the item as sold.

Set #1474 - Mountain View, CA

Thank you for posting our used pews.  We have been overwhelmed with responses from all over the country and now have four prospects right here in California.  I think it's time now to remove the posting. If things don't work out, we'll be back.

 Thanks again,

 Don Drews,  St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Mountain View, Calif. 

Set # 1456 -

Dear Rev. Scott,


Praise the Lord all of our pews listed on your website have been sold.  As of this morning they have all been picked up and we now have room for our new pews to be installed next week! Please take our listing off the website. 


It has been a good experience for us and for our buyers as well.  We were able to sell all our pews in only 3 months!  We had some doubters in our church, but now, nobody is doubting and we are all rejoicing over the extra money in our building fund!


Thank you so much for this great site.  I know several members of our church have spread the word to friends about your website.  I expect you may a few listings in the future by our word of mouth.     God Bless you and your work as you continue to provide this valuable service.


God Bless,

 Diane Folkmann   e-mail

The North Church, Carrollton, Texas 

Thank you for all of your assistance in the pricing and listing of the chairs on your website. 

 I received numerous calls for the chairs and had a steady flow of sales until we sold the 

entire 800 quantity.   At this time, PLEASE CANCEL/REMOVE OUR AD for chairs as 

we have sold all of our chairs through your site.

 Thanks again,  Rodney Minks 214-738-2527 or email

Set 1449 - Chambersburg PA

Dear all,
Set 1449 is sold!!  Please remove us from the list.  I am still inundated with emails and phone calls and need  it to stop.  Thank you so much for your service.  BTW, we sold them to an Olympic facility in Oregon!! 
Matt Blowers  717-496-1635 or email

Set 1460 -

Rev Scott,

 Also, I have sold about half of the furniture thus far.  It seems that the longer the pews and furniture are posted on the website the more inquiries I receive.  Your website has been a blessing.  I expect to have the balance of the furniture sold within the next few days.

 I just recently received what I believe to be a "scam" offer to buy some of the furniture, just as you warned me about upon posting on your website.  Thanks for that heads-up.

 May God continue to bless you and your ministry.


Steve Combs

Calvary Baptist Church

Massillon, OH

Set !461 - Hamilton MT

Your site was great and in a very short time all of our pews have sold.
What is the next step to end the listing?
Steve Herbstritt
Hamilton Church of Christ

406-360-7342 or email

Set 1459 - Cheyenne Wells, CO

I just wanted to inform you that the pews #1459 from Sacred Heart Catholic Church have all been sold and ask you to please remove them from the listing. Thank You very much we sold the whole set in less than two weeks and are still getting calls. The website worked extremely well!!! Thanks again

Russell Ball
Kay Jan Eq. Inc.
Cheyenne Wells, CO 80810

Set 1457 - Ellwood City PA SOLD IN A FEW HOURS

Rev. Scott,

 Believe it or not, the day I spoke with you on the phone, I sold the pews later that day! I have attached a photo of the Pulpit and Chairs, Offering Table, and Windows.

 Michael Potter michaelpotter2@zoominternet.net

Set # 1445 Woodville AL  SOLD IN 2 DAYS

Praise the Lord, all of our furniture was sold in less than two days!!! Set #1445 can be removed from your site’s listing!
Expectation Ministries  256-776-9946

Set 1443 - Caruthersville MO   SOLD IN 1 WEEK

This is Richard Lee in Caruthersville, Missouri. I pleased to announce that
we have sold our chairs. Thank you so much for your help. You have a great
ministry and may God bless you.
Richard Lee at 573-333-2570 or email

Set # 1439 -Tyro KS   SOLD IN 2 DAYS

Dear usedpews.org,

Over the weekend we sold our pews.  We only listed them on Monday!  I couldn’t believe how quick they went.  We have already paid you.  Thank you for your ministry and all that you do.  Is there anything else that you need?

Myron Klesner  620-289-4433 or email

Tyro Christian Church

Set # 1434 - Richmond VA 
It's Simply Amazing!...All 20 pews SOLD in less than 24 hours.  
We tried other methods and wasted a lot of time. If you  truly want results, we highly  

recommend usedpews.org
(Donate Liberally)  Don't Just Seek A Blessings...Be A Blessing!
Bro. Derrick Hill
New Bridge Baptist Church
Richmond, VA Email

Set 1427 - Terral  OK   SOLD in 4 DAYS

Dear Sirs, Would you please show set # 1427 as all sold- Pews- table and pulpit.   They all sold for
$400.   Thank you.  I am amazed at how fast they sold.       

Floyd Key    First Assembly of God, Terral, Ok.  floydk@netcommander.com

Set 1424 - Media PA

Hey Scott,

Just wanted to let you know our pews sold in less than 24hrs - so fast I almost got whiplash! PTL!  Thanks for the ministry!

 In Joy,

Rev. Jeff Brunsink  610-986-3961, or by email.

CrossPointe Church, Media, PA

Set 1419 - Dallas TX

Rev. Scott,

Please remove our listing, set #1419.  Our chairs have now sold.  I appreciate usedpews.org for listing our items for us in order to sale them.  May God continue to bless your ministry!

 Bryant Wray  bwray@sbcglobal.net

Youth Pastor    Faith Christian Center

Set 1417 - Wilder KY  SOLD IN 3 WEEKS

Please remove my pews for sale from your website. My name is Barry Jolly, Wilder, Kentucky. Your service was  wonderful, I received many calls. I feel the Lord did a great service through your site. Our church was able to  sell our pews, while helping another new church get started. Thank you.
Barry Jolly  859-743-6850 or email

Set 1414 - Calera AL

Dear Gabriel Ministries,

 The furniture we listed with you is now sold.  Thank you for your assistance.  You offer a tremendous service, and we appreciate your integrity.  Please remove our listing from your site.

 In Him,

Mark MLAMDAVIS@peoplepc.com

Set 1413- Greetings -

 Just a quick note to say thanks and give an update.

On Saturday morning I posted the availability of our pews on your website. 

 They were posted in the free section.

 By Monday noon we had eight inquiries about the pews. 

 A church in need of pews will be picking them up this Sunday afternoon.

 Wow. The small donation we made to your website proved to be a rich blessing to us and to another church.

 Thank you,

Pastor John Josselyn, Bethany Baptist, Thousand Oaks CA 805-495-7029 or email

Set 1412 - Eaton OH  Franklin Street Baptist

The web site is an amazing tool. We have already had several calls about the pews. They are currently spoken for. PLEASE REMOVE FROM THE WEBSITE. Thank you!
Irene Pierce, Administrative Assistant

Set 1392 - Tampa FL

Dear Used Pews,

 Thank you for much for working with us on pew set 1392. They are all sold. Some went to people's homes, two to a tavern, and a bunch to a film production company in Toronto - long haul from Florida.

 The one Episcopal Church that inquired couldn't decide. I held them as long as I could for them.

 You have a very effective ministry. You get the word out in a very accessible way for people to review a number of options.

 Thank you.

 Ed Henley  Henley404@aol.com  813-962-3089

Set 1383 - Ada, OH

Please mark pew set 1383 as sold.  We were able to find a buyer through your website.  It was exciting to see how God brought our two churches together through this service.  We were very pleased to learn that our pews were a perfect match for a church finishing a their building project in Alaska.  They are still working out the details for shipping the pews across the country, but are confident that they will find a way.  Thank you for all of your assistance through this process.


Pastor Trent Boedicker

Grace Gospel Church 419-634-2554 or email

Set 1400 - Bushkill PA

Hi Rev Scott, 
Just to let You know that the donation is in the mail.   We listed the pews with You last week and we just took a deposit on them from a new, small church within an hour of us.  The response was tremendous.  Thank You so much for the work that You are doing. It really seems to work well for everyone.  Listing #1400 Bushkill Outreach can be marked

 as sold.  Thanks again.
Kate  bushkilloutreach@yahoo.com

ATTENTION:  PEWS SOLD  Solid Rock Wesleyan Ministries, Cambridge OH 43725, 

Lynn Bontrager treasurer, pews all gone as of 1/15/05; please remove from listing on internet.

  Wow can't believe how many calls received. You have a fabulous service.  

Thank you very much.  740-439-4604 or 740-584-0074 cell or email

This is Pastor Stan Arias of the World Vision Assembly of God in Vernal, Utah. We are building a new Sanctuary and found pews on your website. They were from Heritage Park Alliance Church in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.This is Pastor Stan Arias of the World Vision Assembly of God in Vernal, Utah. We are building a new Sanctuary and found pews on your website. They were from Heritage Park Alliance Church in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.What a blessing it was to contact and work out all the details to ship them here and they are now safely in Vernal, in storage waiting for the couple of months it will take to finish the building.


Thank You and Praise the Lord. What a wonderful ministry. We saved thousands and thousands of dollars by finding used pews. We'll even be able to recover them and still be ahead over $20,000.


May God bless you and all the volunteers who help. Please send them our thanks and appreciation...you all truly do help the ministry to go on and bless different parts of the Body of Christ with this service.



                Pastor Stan Arias  arias@ubtanet.com

Set # 1370 - Aledo TX


 Thank you for your website.  These items have been sold to a very needy church in Killeen, Texas in less than a week on your website.  What a blessing!

 James Dorrell  817-360-0330

Aledo United Methodist Church

Aledo, Texas

Dear Sirs,

Please remove set #1340 from the Grand Avenue Church of Christ , Ponca City, Oklahoma from your "used pews for sale" listings.  We've sold those pews and they were picked up over the weekend.  Thanks for your help.  Your website worked great for us.  Keep up the good work.  Larry Keirn, Minister

Grand Avenue Church of Christ

1300 W. Grand Avenue

Ponca City, OK 74601


Set # 1367 - Taylorsville IN   SOLD IN 1 DAY

This set of pews and pulpit has been sold: Set # 1367 - Taylorsville IL  Thanks very much for your service.  Our pews were listed last Monday and the next day we received a call from a new church about 500 miles away in Tennessee looking for just that color.  They had almost given up finding the color they needed.  They picked them up yesterday (Friday).  

Richard Wamsley

Senior Minister, Taylorville Christian Church

(217-824-6621) or email. 

Set # 1358 - Knoxville TN Sold in 2 weeks

We have sold our pews! Combined they went for $1600, so we didn't do too bad. Thanks a TON for your help. If you could, please mark these as sold on the website. Once we get our payment, I will send you the rest of our 3%. Thanks again...we could have never done it without you.
Rodney Arnold at 865-850-2807 or email .

Set # 1348 - Faith Worship Center  Greenville SC   SOLD in 5 Days

Thanks guys for helping us sell our pews.  We priced them low and they flew away.  

The new church home is excited. We got blessed and the purchasing church got blessed too.
Good deal.  Thanks, Phil
Phil Cochrane at  864-233-7349  email

Set # 1338 - Americus GA   - SOLD IN 2 WEEKS

We have sold all of our pews.  I received far more calls far more quickly than I expected.  Thanks for your help!

Mike Ryan  229-924-7809 or email
Williams Road Church of Christ
Americus, GA

Set # 1333 - New Castle IN

Bro. Scott, 

I wanted to let you know that our pews sold.  (Set 1333)      Praise God!Thank you so much for all your congreation has done with the web site. The Church that bought them found them on your site.

 Thanks for everything and may God Bless you all!


 Bro. Curt Jackson  765-521-3852

New Castle Church of Christ

New Castle, In.  47362

Set #1316 - Friendwood TX


I wanted to let you know that our pews have sold! Praise God! Thank you for making this sale almost effortless. What a great ministry you have. I know that this website is a blessing to many people.

I hope your ministry continues to grow and blesses many more people.

 God bless,

Keith Neubauer  keithneubauer@sbcglobal.net

 Baybrook Baptist Church

15775 Hope Village Road

Friendswood, TX. 77546

(281) 996-1316

Set #1322 - Defiance OH

Dear Gabriel Ministries,

 I am wanting to let you know that we have sold all our furniture we were advertising on your web page. Please remove our ad. It is #1322 Defiance, OH, Defiance Christian Church. Thank you for advertising for us. We were amazed on how fast they were sold. We received calls from all over.

 Thank you and God Bless,

Clarissa Ankney  secretary@wcoil.com

Church Secretary

We really thank you for your service.  We advertised our pews (#1297 in Kingsport, TN) and have received several inquiries about them. We had a call from Montana and the people asked the usual questions about the pews, but they also said that a vandal had burned their church and they had nothing left.  Their insurance was $120,000 but a contractor asked them almost $250,000 to rebuild the building.  They 

decided to take their insurance and use the labor of the members to rebuild.  We decided to give the pews to them.  They made the trip to Tennessee over the Labor Day holiday week to get the pews and returned that weekend.  The Lord has provided  them with pews and given us a true blessing of His grace and will.   We got to meet  another brother and sister in Christ and share a special time with them! So #1297 have been put to wonderful use on the other side of the country by our Heavenly Father and  are no longer available.

God's Blessings!

Lynn Hicks lhicks_1@chartertn.net 

Set # 1295 - Columbia SC

Thanks to you and your efforts, four churches have been blessed by our old  pews and other church furniture.  We have sold or given away all of the items we had for sale and want to thank you for making it possible to recoup something from them as well as bless some otherw with what we had
in surplus. I hope that God continues to bless your ministry as you bring buyers and
sellers together....
Mike Pelletier  mike.pelletier@mindspring.com

The pews being sold by Antioch Mills Christian Church in Berry, Kentucky have been sold. Thanks for your service. It worked like a charm.

 Chad Doerr  the_doerrs@yahoo.com




Just a note to let you know we have sold our pews.  Thanks to the forum you provide we have had many contacts and only thru your site we have recycled them to other churches for continued use.  Thanks for your ministry. Please remove us from your listing.   

With gratitude and In His Name,

Karl Siefert

Woodstock Christian Church  Set 1213

Woodstock, Illinois


Please remove the listing for Clendenin, WV First Baptist Church. (#1268) All our pew have been sold. Thank you for all your expert help. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME.

In His service,

Robert Ore  Upervisor@aol.com

8/16/04  Set 1294 Madison Wisconsin

We listed pews on your web site and they have now sold. I believe it was through a contact through your web site – in any case they sold fast. So please remove the pews from your web site. I signed up under Walt Holthaus’ name for Bethany United Methodist Church in Madison, WI.


Jeff Erickson  kathjeff@charter.net

Thank you for listing our pews. We've had more requests than pews to sale. Since they've already sold, could you please remove them from the website?
Cory Null  816-313-9130  ckcmo@flash.net

Hi Scott,
Just wanted to fill you in on the status of our pew sale.  We have sold 28 to someone in Florida - he came last Friday and we loaded an 18-wheeler with them.  Others have gone to other sources from a chiropractor for his office, to kitchens from PA to Virginia, and even to a seminary!  Your site has been a great help!  I believe we only have the following: one 17' pew and three 13' pews; we also have a pulpit that goes with it.  I think that didn't make it on the website with our first ad.  Would you mind putting an "Almost gone!" notice with our ad, or something else that lets people know there aren't many left?  If you could also add the pulpit, we are asking $200 for that.  I will try to get a picture of it sent to you today.    Thanks for doing this.  Your site is an excellent resource, and I will pass the word on!
Pastor David E. Jacques
Grace Baptist Church Ambler, PA 19002
215-646-1420 (gbcambler@juno.com

Hi; I am Carla Crippin, from Crippin Funeral Home in Montrose, Colorado, We have sold our pews, in fact it was last month.  Well anyway, would you please remove our ad. We were extremely pleased with you and your website. Thank you again for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Carla Crippin  kccrippin@ocinet.net

On Sun, 18 Jul 2004 18:35:35 -0400 "Brian Gore" <gore@mindspring.com>
I am not in the market to buy pews, but rather have a bunch to sell  myself. We were thinking of listing through www.Usedpews.org and are  contacting you as a current customer of theirs.  I was wondering if you would be so  kind as to let me know about how long yours have been listed.  Before we  invest the money to list, we want to be sure it works.  We don't have a lot of  money to burn.
Thanks, and God Bless.
Brian Gore, for Leptondale Bible Church.

Hi Brian,

This is the first time we have used this service, and we are VERY impressed with the site.  We got the information, and sent our request on Tuesday, July 6th; it was on the site within 48 hours, even though there was notice that they were closed on that week of July 4th.  We had our first call on Saturday, July 10th.  One week later, we have most of the 39 pews sold.  A church in Florida is coming up with a truck for 28 of them, and another group is coming for some on Saturday.  We have also broken the set up and a few individuals are buying some.  We have been truly amazed.  Pews actually sell!  We originally were trying to give them away, but couldn't, and God led us to this site.  We are very thankful for how God has allowed us to get these sold so that we can reinvest the money into our ministry.  Our donation back into their ministry is well worth it, and the results prove it.

Hope that helps!  I would suggest putting them on at a reasonable price
if you need to sell them quickly.

God bless you,
Pastor David E. Jacques,  Grace Baptist Church
701 Pen-Ambler Road Ambler, PA 19002
215-646-1420 (gbcambler@juno.com)

Set 1266 -

The pews in set 1266 have been sold.  Please change the web page to reflect this.  I had one inquiry per week for the 4 weeks they were listed.  The second inquiry decided to take the pews.  They are going to Canada.  Thanks for your service.

 Bryan Gerlach bryang@manorchurch.org  

Set 1265 - Dallas TX   First Fellowship Community Baptist

The pews sold today! A church from about 90 miles from us picked them up today. I think that was about 5 days from listing to SOLD! FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for all of your help! 

Marcus Reed  214-375-7447 or email

Set 1262 -  Minneapolis

Please discontinue the ad for Plymouth Congregational Church, # 1262.  We have sold the pews, shipped them and been paid! They went to a fellow building a wedding chapel in the Atlanta area. We shipped them via semi truck from Minneapolis, arranged through a national shipping broker, C.H. Robinson, who did a fantastic job.

 Thank you for providing this service! 

 Tom Lockhart  toml@plymouth.org

Business Administrator

Plymouth Congregational Church   Minneapolis, MN

Set 1252 - Alto MI -

Greetings Scott, Just to let you know that we sold the pews on July 10 and they have picked them up. Could you please put a sold sign on our add. Thank you. You have a wonderful site. We will have some big folding doors to sell from our church. Can I list those in about a week or two??..Linda   ladyhoek@hotmail.com

Set #1247 - Indianapolis

We have sold most of the furniture advertised on Usedpews.org. We have sent a donation of 5% of our proceeds to you via Paypal. Please remove our ad from usedpews.org. Thank you for this service. The response was very good.

Grace and Peace,
David Mangum   WDMANGUM@cs.com
North Central Church of Christ
9015 Westfield Blvd
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Set 1242 - Kenton OH

Rev. Gabrielson,

 I just wanted to thank you for helping us sell our pews. They were actually sold within three days of posting them. Set# 1242, could you please remove them from your site?

 Thanks again - your site was invaluable!

Brett Johnson 419.675.1511 or email 

Set #1241 - sold in 2 weeks  Wirtz VA

This is Donna Turner, I have e-mailed you several times and it keeps coming back to me not sent so I hope you get this one. We have already sold the pews. Thank you so much for all you done. May God Bless you. Again thanks alot. Donna Turner booo_41@hotmail.com 

Set #1238 - Hudsonville, MI   

Living Water Church

Pastor Eddie Ford






God bless,

Pastor Eddie Ford

email or phone 616-304-6477.

Set 1236 - Odesssa FL

Dear Pastor Gabriel:

 Thank you for this service.   We have sold our 24 -12 ft. pews to our first contact (4 hours after the listing We sold our 13 - 20 ft pews this weekend!

 Thank you for this ministry. It is a blessing for all churches involved, buyers and sellers.

 We sold all 37 pews and helped two churches start their new ministries. Please mark SOLD on our ad!

Thanks again and God bless,


Dan Manrique  email Dan

Church Administrator

In The Name Of Jesus World Outreach Center  . 

Set 1235 -

This is Matt Hertig - we have an add for pews at Grace Bible Church currently up and need to have the listing taken down.  We have sold the pews and need to have the ad taken down.  I have to tell you that I have received numerous calls since putting up the ad and has really expedited the process.  Thank you so much!


 Set 1237-

Hi Bro. Scott,

This is Dr. Phyllis Parker with Living Above The Natural Ministries. I recently sent in my add to sell my pews for $175.00 each, and Pastor Hewitt of Ridge Grove Church called me on this past week, two days after my add posted, and I sold them to him for $130.00 for seven of them and gave him one for free, making eight of them going to Ridge Grove Church.  Thank you for being prompt in posting my add.  I am so grateful that I sowed that seed in your ministry.  I blessed both of you all and now I am expecting a supernatural harvest from God for his Word says give and it should be giving unto you, pressed down running over.    Thank you Scott so much for empowering my ministry.

Your Sister in Christ,

Set # 1217 - Oscoda Michigan

Thanks for helping us find buyers for all our pews.  You can now remove
the listing of set #1217.  Being in a remote area (Northern Michigan) put
us a bit out of reach for a lot of folks who inquired.  But today we
loaded up the last of the pews to a church a few hours away from us.
They were thrilled to get them - we were thrilled to get rid of them.
Again thanks for providing this great service to help the Kingdom grow

Eric Hendricks hendricksfamily2@juno.com
Oscoda Assembly of God

Set 1203 - Estacada OR

Hi Scott,

 The pews left tonight, headed to a new home in Southern Oregon. They went to a little church (60) that is moving into a larger building. We also sent them some chairs, a mail slot system and pulpit. Thanks again, we would never have got together without your help. I hope you find it as rewarding to help a little church grow as we have.
 In Christ, Jerry Griggs  jgriggs01@ipns.com

Set 1202 - Paris AR

I have pews advertised on your website that i need to remove. it is set #1202. i am from Paris Ar. my name is David Fairchild. I want to thank you for your services, I could have sold the pews 10 times over but our church board wouldn't cooperate after they gave me the go ahead to sell them.  thank you again for your services
david fairchild 

 Dear Sir:

 The pews for Forestburg Baptist Church have been sold and picked up.

 Thank you for your services and please note on the web site that they have been sold. They were sold in 3 days.

 Charles W Hott    CHOTT312@aol.com

Set 1220 - I am so excited to inform you that ALL of our pews sold on the 2nd day they were listed!!!  We actually received a call within about one hour of the pews being listed on your site!  A Pastor travelled about 3 hours to see them and purchased them as soon as he saw them!  We have not rec'd full payment as yet, but we did receive a deposit and the pews are going to be picked up, and paid for, next week!  Praise the LORD!!!  You can now update our listing to show all the pews as SOLD!  We have the solid wood pulpit and matching communion table still for sale, though, if you want to leave those listed.
Thank you so much for your ministry and may our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, bless you all!
In HIS service,
Lori Hunt   Lori3141@aol.com
Rejoice Community Church
Garden Grove, CA

We have sold 20 of the pews, please change the listing to read 25 left at a price of $1500.00 that's only about $60.00 each.   Thank you so much for all your help, I have received dozens of call from your website.  I will certainly use it and tell others.
God Bless,
Judy Adedun  (the Minnesota listing)   Set 1208  (ONE WEEK OLD LISTING)

Our pews (Set #1197) have sold and shipped.  Thank you for your assistance.  Listing with your website made this an easy thing to do.  I expected it to take much longer.  We feel blessed.
Shawnna Godkin  email
Administrative Assistant
Hi-Way Tabernacle
Cleveland, TX  77327

Dear usedpews,
We have sold 13 of the 10' pews. The rest are still available but we've had great response.  #1201 Pineville,La
Thanks much,
David Kimsey    email

Just in case you were not aware, we've sold our pews and they are gone. We appreciate the resource of usedpews.org and were glad to make a suitable contribution.Erring on the side of "following up".
God bless,
Rick Scovel RScovel@lightandlife.net

Set 1164

Set # 1190 - Orange NJ

Hello Scott,

 Thanks for updating the used pews for me.  Will you please remove the Emmanuel Church of Christ from the Used Pews for Sale listing?  We have sold all our pews at this time.  Thank you again for all your help and support.  All the pews have now been sold.

 Margaret  Msmjsearcy@aol.com 


Set # 1194 - Arroyo Grande CA   

Thank you so much for your website; we sold the pews and received a check yesterday...wow...I am so impressed...this is such a blessing for us as we found out yesterday that our moving date will be April 1st....so...God is good and provided.  I must admit I was somewhat skeptical regarding your claims for how fast pews did sell....but...I'm a believer...LOL.
Again...thanks for your ministry.
In Him....Chris Odell    805-481-2320 or by email

Dear Sir,

Please remove the listing you have for Mountaintop Baptist Church (listing #1192) as they have been sold.  And thank You for providing this service.


Pastor Kramer  gbkramer99@msn.com

Set # 1181 - Bloomington, IL
 Please remove our ad Set #1181.  We have sold everyone of our 17 pews we originally had for sale through your site.  Thank you for having such a site  that churches can advertise pews for sale.  Because of your site, were able  to buy all of the chairs we are in need of to replace the pews we sold.  I believe you should have already received payment from us about a month ago.
Thank you again,
 Ron Clauson  rlclauson@harvest-family.org

Set 1175 -

Hey Scott,
Happy to tell you that our pews sold about two weeks after we listed them with you.  I received requests for information about them within a day of listing them, and by the end of the week had had more than eight contacts! 
The coolest thing: not only were we able to upgrade all our furniture, but we were able to help out another church that had lost everything in a fire as well.  God is good! 
Please update our listing to indicate that all the pews have sold. 
Thank you! Michael Scott, Pastor,
Christian Community Church , NY    MScott8423@aol.com

Set # 1173


     I listed three pulpit chairs last week and they sold and were picked up over the weekend. That was fast. How do I remove the listing or mark it sold.  I am still getting calls.


Jim Rich at 800-441-4874 or email.

Our pews for Light & Life Community Church (set 1164) are pending to be sold with a buyer.  If you could keep the ad but declare that they have been SOLD! instead of call now, that would be great because we are getting lots of calls about them.  You guys weren't kidding when you said that your website would get them sold fast.  Thanks a lot!

God Bless,-Alan Baertschi (on behalf of Rick Scovel, Worship Pastor LLCC)

Dear UsedPews.org representative:
Please remove the ad for our pews.  While not technically sold, so much serious interest has been generated by our ad that I think we will have the set officially sold in the very near future. To have the flow of fresh calls and e-mails halted be would be great.
With thanks,
Rick Scovel, Assistant Pastor of Worship and Administration
Light & Life Community Church, Lakewood CO 80266
rscovel@lightandlife.net 720-244-4866


Dear Rev. Scott:
       First of all we (Pastor D. L. Ward, Sr and Co-Pastor Jeanette Ward from Miracle Faith Tabernacle of Deliverance, Inc. of Speed, NC would like to thank you for all your help in finding us some pews and furniture for our Sanctuary. We did have many to reply to our request but God place one special friend in our path and he was a blessing to our church and us. We still are doing some renovation to the church and we are seeking help for office furniture and a hammer organ. Please see if there is any churches or people that would donate these items. If they can't donate then maybe someone can give the church a low price. Remember our church was in the flood and it is requiring a lot of renovation. The area we are in a lot of people are not able to give in offerings or tithes. We know that we don't depend on this, but we are seeking help in raising funds to support the church in renovations. Thank you

Pastor D. L. Ward, Sr. Virtuousholyj@aol.com  

The pews that we have listed on your web site (set 1136) have now all been sold.

 Thank you for providing this service.

 Mark Dettweiler, Treasurer, Breslau Evangelical Missionary Church

(519) 648-3994; fax (519) 648-3936, E-Mail:  mdettweiler@on.aibn.com


Set #1165 - Sold in 1 day

Dear Scott,
Our pews have been sold  to a local Detroit congregation.  They just built a new church and have been searching high and low for pews to fill their sanctuary before they begin using it in January.  They have been checking your website regularly and spotted our ad yesterday.  They are pleased to be getting such a great deal, and we are pleased that we are able to help a local congregation.  Thank you for the wonderful service that you provide.  You can add us to your success stories!
God's Peace and Blessings,
Steve Brackett, Vicar  StJohnVicar@aol.com
St. John Lutheran Church - Farmington Hills, MI

Hello Scott, this is Pastor Wilson, i sold the Pews   and they were picked up today, you can pull the add for bible based community church.  thank you for your help.. i think you have a wonderful sight, and intend to use it in the future.

 may God continue to bless you!   Pastor Johnnie Wilson


Thanks to your site, the pews have been sold.  Please delete the listing for Temple Sholom.

James Carlson. Executive Director
Peninsula Temple Sholom, Burlingame, CA  94010

Set # 1159      SOLD IN 1 day!

Thank you so much for your ministry.  Our church's pews sold in only one day to the first person that called.  I have received about 5 calls from other churches.  Some wanted to purchase them without even seeing them!!!    Please update our listing to 'Sold'.    God Bless you and your ministry,
Rev. Rodney Jacobs  Rev. Rodney Jacobs at 626-482-6312 or email
Baldwin Park Open Bible Church Baldwin CA

I just wanted to let you know that we sold the pews (set#1148)  I waited until they were picked up by the trucker so I knew they were really gone.  We had a couple interested parties who never called back so I wanted to be sure this time. Thank you for all your help.  As it turned out we could have sold three or four sets.  We got that many people 'definitely' wanting them after we had them sold.
Thanks again and God bless you and your wonderful ministry.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Tom Lawrence, Pittsburg 724-733-4083 (church) or 412-370-2072 cell or by email.

 Our status: While we have not received a final payment on the pews a furniture company in the area who makes regular trips to Florida has contacted us on behalf of the buyer to set up a date to pick up the pews.  We have scheduled things for the first week of December (when our new chairs are scheduled to arrive).  So I would say that it would be OK to change our status to "SOLD" on the website.  We are still getting calls, but I have a very long list of contacts to get back with if anything fell through.

 Thanks -

 Pastor Jeff Ryan 989-734-3916 or by email.

Calvary Bible - Michigan

Dear Scott:
My name is Sister Dee Valentine. Our church was Blessed to get help from this email.
I Know this sight is from the Lord. It helped us to get a used communion table, baptismal front and a used pulpit. Now we need help in getting some drums for our church. I will be praying for all the different request for the other churches. My church name is God's Miracle Unlimited.
Thank you and God Bless you
Sister Dee

Set 1055

Hi Scott:

After sending you a note last evening regarding listing our pews as "sale pending," I had another call back from the church in IL that wants them if the first deal falls through.  They can be listed as "sold."  The first contact by both of these parties was Monday & Tuesday, so they actually sold in one or two days.

We thank you so much for this great service you provide to churches.  We had no idea the pews would sell so quickly.  The church purchasing them needs them right away so they will be picked up right after our morning service on Sunday.  We will be using folding chairs until our new seating arrives....a very small sacrifice on our part!

Thank you again!

In Christ,

Jane Abbott    email.

Silver Lake Community Church

Portage WI

Set 1047 - Fairview Baptist Church, Greenville TX   Sold in 1 day!

Wow, we sold our pews in one day!  A church from Chattanooga is coming to get them Monday! Thanks for your help!

David Newton, Worship Pastor

903-422-7218 or email


Please remove our listing... we got 25 calls within the first few days.

Rev. Wesley Wallis, Sea Level Missionary Baptist (Sea Level, NC) 


Hi Scott, 

    Thank you for the listing,  we got hooked up, and the pews are great  and close to where we are at.  Thanks again! 


 Dr. Dale Hart


Dear Used Pews, 

The pews we had posted on your web site have sold.  Thank you for your help in allowing us to sell our pews.  A pastor from Detroit, MI has bought them.

 Joe Osborn, Pastor  wbcfw@ctlnet.com

Westridge Baptist Church

Fort Wayne, IN

260 432 7521

Set # 1038 - Medinah (near Chicago)  IL --SOLD in 2 days!

All of our pews have sold (we have a deposit).  Thanks again for your assistance.


-Scott Kegel, Associate Pastor, Medinah Baptist, Medinah IL skegel@medinahbaptist.org 

  Wanted to let you know all the pews and altar rail have sold so you can get the listing off the site.  Thank you for your assistance, and for providing your service. 

God Bless,  Mark Waltz,  Trinity Lutheran, Savannah GA waltzm@yahoo.com

The church pews listed on your site for West Seattle Christian have all SOLD!

Thank you for such a wonderful service.

Mike Shaughnessy  andym@elektronika.net



 We are thankful to report that the pews have been sold. Please remove our information.

 We were able to sell the pews via your web-site. Your web site brought us a host of inquiries. 


Thanks again.

 In Christ,

Pastor Finch legree.finch@christpreschurch.org

Gone in 1 day!

Website contact - I received several responses and have one - right here local which was a surprise - that will be taking them.  Please go ahead and take this information off the website.  Great resource!  Thank you
Kevin Thomas  Saylorville Baptist Church, Des Moines Iowa

Hi Scott,

Just to let you know that our pews are sold, paid for and were picked up this morning. They are on their way to Florida. Thank you so much for all your help and God Bless!

Cheryl Jester, Office Manager, Christ Community Church, Cheshire, CT 06410  christ.church@sbcglobal.net

We have had 15+ requests for the pews - we have contacted everyone in order to determine who can meet our needs to have them removed....  We will go down the list until we get someone who can remove them at that time.

Please remove the offer from the web-site as many of the contacts are very sure that they can come and get them on those dates.


Pastor Bob Thomas - Cadillac Assembly of God, Cadillac MI

 Riverdale, MI - Sold in 1 week

Just wanted you to know our pews and other church furniture is all sold... We are thankful for your service and know that it is very valuable.  We appreciate it immensely and will refer you to others in the future.


Jim & Clara Molby

Set # 112 - Abilene Kansas  - Sold in 10 days.

I would like to thank you for your help in moving our pews.  Set #112  have now been sold.  (actually - we ended up giving them away to a church in Illinois who desperately needed them but did not have the funds to buy them AND transport them.)  We shared the gifts that our church has received by giving a gift to a church in need.

  Again, thank you for your help.  We really appreciate the serve you provide.

  God Bless,

Karen Dillard , Administrative Secretary, First Christian Church, Abilene, KS 67410

785-263-1204  fccab@ikansas.com

Set # 1007 -   Townwest Church of Christ, Taylor TX  -   SOLD in 2  weeks

Hello again, Scott,

   Well, you won't believe this.  A lady from the Methodist church in Round Rock which is 18 miles from us called to ask about the pews after seeing our ad on your website.  (They only need three.)  While we were talking, she mentioned that they were also looking for "theater seats."  Hot dog!  They are going to buy most or possibly all of our theater seats.  Isn't that great?  However, the reason I am writing is to ask you to modify our ad on your website.  They are also going to purchase three of our pews, so we will only have 16 available for sale now.  Please adjust the price down to $1700.  to reflect the reduced number of pews.

   The ad is working splendidly.  We haven't sold all of the pews quite yet, but we are getting inquiries so we are happy.  I do believe that they will sell eventually.  Thank you so much.


Patrice Dempsey

TownWest Church of Christ



Hello, Scott!


We're done!  Great response to our ad on your website.  Folks from Alabama came to pick up the pews on Saturday.  You can remove the ad or mark them "SOLD".  Appreciate your help.

  Patrice Dempsey

TownWest Church of Christ fuffee@austin.rr.com


I wanted to let you know the pews are sold!

  Thank you for allowing us to put the pews on your website.  I received an email that day!  The church leaders drove out to see them and purchased them.  The church is located in Colorado so the shipping won't be too much.

  I also received inquiries from two other churches within a couple of days.  It was a God send working with your organization.

  God bless,

 Richard Godsil, Youth Pastor, NorthEast Christian Church, Grand Junction, CO 
www.northeastchristian.com   rg@northeastchristian.com    rgodsil@msn.com
970-243-6672 (office) 970-523-7298 (home) 970-261-3773 (cell)

Set # 1098  Oak Creek United Methodist Church - Wisconsin  SOLD IN 9 DAYS!

Hello Scott,

  We sold our church furniture and would like to have our information removed from your web site (set #98). 

Thank you - your site got us the customers we needed to make the sale!

  Eric Eberhardy

Oak Creek Community United Methodist Church

Oak Creek, Wisconsin


Hello Scott,

We have now sold all of the pews except 4.  Please remove the ad.  Thank you so much again for your support in the sale of the old pews.  Thanks again and have a great day!  Chairman Marvin Thorne  Olive Chapel MBC - Sharpsburg NC 

Thanks for you help.   I received a dozen or more inquires.

A church in Las cruses, NM will be picking them up tomorrow.

  Thanks again for your help.

Lucy Knapp , Tucson, Arizona


Berean Bible Church - sold in 18 days


The pews at Berean Bible Church, Greene, NY, have been sold.  Please post it on the internet so the calls will stop coming in.  We have a great response!  Thank you for your help.

Carol Reid , Secretary


Please delete all items currently on your WebPages for our church as they have all been sold.  Thanks for you help in this matter.  I would like to list an organ at a later date, but I am not quite ready. 
Dewey Pitts  odpitts@us.ibm.com
White Oak Hill Church
Nashville NC

Set # 1005 - Center Grove Baptist Church Clemmons NC - SOLD  in 2 weeks!  Contact Keith Jarrett kjarrett@cjmw.com 

Our pews have been sold.  Thanks for your help.  We helped provide pews for three different churches.  To God be the Glory!

Kevin Jarrett





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