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Sending your Photos

How do I send photos by email?


To send photos, there are many different methods. 

Try this simple method....

Click the browse button to find photos on your computer, then submit them to us.



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Here is an alternate method, also easy>>>

  1. Place the mouse curser over the photo.

  2. Click once with the right mouse button.

  3. Choose "SEND TO"

  4. Choose "MAIL RECIPIENT"

  5. An email window will open. 

  6. Type in the address photos@usedpews.org

  7. Put a note that it is from your church.

  8. Click send.

Do this for each photo you wish to send.

What type of photos should I send?

We suggest this format......

If you have a traditional church with a pulpit or table in the center, stand in front of the pulpit / table and turn slightly towards the left (or right) so you get a photo that looks like this:

Then go down the aisle about 4-5 rows, turn around and get the back angle, also showing the end, and bookracks if any.

You might also want to get a broad overview, from the stage area.  That's really all we need!  (unless you are selling pulpits, chairs, etc.)

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