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Pricing your Used Furniture & Receiving Payments

How much should I sell my pews, pulpits, or chairs for?


The rule of thumb is that used furniture should sell for about 25% of the cost of new.  A new padded pew generally sells for about $50-60 per foot, an all wood pew about $70-80 per foot.  Generally you will find that pews move the most quickly at $150-200 each. 


You should price them per pew, since a small church or ministry may not need all your pews, and it always sounds better to say $150 each instead of $5000 for all. 


Note: we recommend making all your pews the same price per pew.  If you have a few longer pews (for example in the choir) and make them more expensive, they may not sell.  Not everyone uses choir pews.  Keeping the price the same on all makes it easier to sell them.


Used chairs of the "church chair" type generally sell for $20-25 each, depending on the condition and color.  If they are burnt orange color, better go with $15.  If they are a pretty  red, blue or green, and in clean condition, you can probably get $25 each. 


Used pulpit sets, (pulpit, table, chairs, etc) usually sell for $750-1000 for the set.

Used Minister / Deacon type chairs go for $ 100 - 200  each. 


How Long does it take?

Based on our experience, it averages about 4-6 weeks to sell  your furniture.  Some sets sell in 1 day, some take 6 weeks or longer.  It depends allot on the sizes, condition, and price.


One of the rules of life is that stuff sells quicker with a lower price. (Don't we all love a sale?).  However, we will list your pews and chairs  and keep them on for as long as it takes. *


While we want you to be truthful, don't over emphasize all the bad things about your pews.  They may not bother someone else unless you point them out.  Mention only structural problems that need correction or repair.


Receiving Payments


Normally a church to church transaction, between churches in the USA or Canada, is safe. You can request a church check, certified check, Paypal, cash, etc.  You may opt to use an escrow service to help facilitate the funds.  The only one we can suggest is Escrow.com - which is a legitimate service that is recommended by eBay, BankRate, Epinions and other well known firms.


In the years we have offered this ministry service  (since 1998) we only know of 1 church that got scammed for money.  Thousands have been helped.

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