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Luke 6:38 - Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.


On this page you will find church furniture and equipment that is being offered FREE to your church or ministry.  Your obligation is simply to pick it up (or arrange pick up service) and keep it in the Kingdom of God!


  • To List your donation of free furniture, please follow this link

  • Put -0- where the price is to show you are giving them away!

  • We get several free items each month, and post them here. 

  • Watch this page daily

  • Be sure to visit our Churches Needing Help Page for more info.

  • If you are being blessed by this ministry, please help us continue it!

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FREE  ITEMS are on this page





Set #6130 – Virginia Beach, VA  | AVAILABLE ON July 8 2017

Kempsville Christian Church is giving away 50 free pews of various lengths. 38 pews have 5 degree sloped angled cuts for the bases that will need to be cut or adapted to accommodate a flat floor surface. All pews come with hymnal racks and communion cup holders. Pews can be cut to size and sides reattached.

  • ACCESSORIES: Book Racks; Cup Holders

Here are the quantities and dimensions: 1 - 5' flat pew 2 - 10'4" flat pews 2 - 14'8" sloped pews 2 - 16' sloped pews 2 - 16'11" sloped pews 2 - 18' sloped pews 2 - 18'6" sloped pews 2 - 19' sloped pews 2 - 19'10" sloped pews 2 - 20'4" sloped pews 2 - 21'3" sloped pews 2 - 21'5" sloped pews 4 - 22'7" sloped pews 2 - 23' flat pews 2 - 23'9" sloped pews 2 - 24' sloped pews 2 - 24'11" sloped pews 2 - 25'4" sloped pews 4 - 26' flat pews 2 - 26'10" sloped pews 2 - 28'2" sloped pews 2 - 29'7" sloped pews 2 - 28' flat pews 2 - 30'10" flat pews

For more information regarding Set #6130 please contact Josh Childress at (757) 4903925 or (757) 4780419. Email josh.childress@kccfamily.org

Set #6129 – Apple Valley, MN  | AVAILABLE ON April 19 2017

36 mauve/maroon pews.
Fan style room.
Seating 250+
Size range 6 spots to 12 spots.

  • 36 pews | 6' - 14' | $0 each

$0 Free

For more information regarding Set #6129 please contact Teresa Olson at (952) 4324332. Email t.olson@themount.org

Set #6121 - Prosper, TX    AVAILABLE NOW


First Baptist Church Prosper is donating various sizes of Oath veneer pews. For more information please call Bill at (214) 415-9220 or email bill@wegross.net.
17 pews - 17 ft
3 pews - 8.5 ft


Set #6124 - Clay, NY   AVAILABLE NOW

Our church is upgrading to individual chairs and due to that we are offering our pews to any church that is in need of our pews. We have 22 wooden and padded pews that are 13'6" in length. The upholstery is reddish purple and all are in good condition. For more information please call Jason at (315) 751-8391. God bless you!




Set #6120 - Watsontown, PA   AVAILABLE NOW

Watsontown Alliance Church has 47 Green pews. 2 Red pews. Free to anyone who will take them out and haul them away during week of May 8, 2017. Pews are made of particle board circa mid 70's. For more information please call Rev. Donald Jones at (570) 538-9432 or email wachurch@ptd.net.




Set #6114 - Coatesville, IN   SOLD

Union Valley Baptist Church is donating 19 long pews and 5 smaller ones.




Set #6091 - Lilburn, GA   SOLD

We have 16-20 church pews to donate. They are 15.5 feet long. They are in great condition. They have red upholstery.




Set #6076 - Eureka, CA   AVAILABLE NOW

Eureka First Assembly of God is giving away free pews. The sizes are as follows:
6 2
7 3
9 10
10 2
11 3
12 2
13 4
14 2
15 20
These sizes and numbers are approximate but you can see there are a lot and they do vary in size going from wide at the rear to narrow on the front sides with a consistent size center. You can take any or all. Please call Steve at or


or by email. 



Set #6026 - Lake Geneva, WI   SOLD

Linn Presbyterian Church is giving away 3 pews, a modesty panel, and small lectern . Contact Beth at (262) 248-1588


or by email. 


Set #6010  - Aliquippa, PA  SOLD


Mt. Carmel EPC has 34 pews for donation at $150 each. The pews are in good condition, and have red fabric cushioned seats and backs. The pews have book racks on the back. Our pews are being replaced with chairs. The sizes are:

10' 6" - 2

12' 4" - 2

14' - 2

15' 8" - 2

17' 6" - 2

19' - 20

19' 4" - 4



Set #6012 - Sunbury, PA   AVAILABLE NOW

Twenty, twelve foot church pews, FREE during the next three weeks, starting 1-23-17. Used. Seat and backrest of a woven fabric, paprika in color (soft orange) in good condition. Pews in use since the 1960s.

Must have phone contact or e-mail first, no one is at the church except during services.


Contact Pastor Roy Clippinger at (570)672-9521 or (570 )275-4127 or by email. 



Set #6009 - Kings Mountain, NC   AVAILABLE NOW

Wood lecture. Free! Custom made solid oak pulpit. Pick it up at Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church. 618 Chestnut Ridge Church Rd.


Contact Fred Morey by email. 



Set #6007 - Flint, MI   SOLD

We are closing our church bookstore and have a retail counter, file cabinet and a number of book shelves. They are all FREE.




Set #5934 - Louisville KY AVAILABLE NOW


Louisville First SDA Church has a nice complete set of pews for sale. Thse pews have a medium stain color and blue fabric.  They also have gookracks with card, pencil and cup holders.  Padded seats and backs.   Asking $4000 for the set.


There are 2 @ 6'0", 2 @ 10'4", 2 @ 13'6", 1 @ 14'0", 11 @ 16'4", 1 @ 17'0", 10 @ 21'0" and 1 @ 9' long. We also have a free pulpit.  Contact Gloria at 502-550-4636.



Set #5904 - Forest City IA   GONE

First Baptist Church of Forest City has a nice set of pews in very good condition. There are medium oak with red/gold/brown fabric padded seats.  The padding was reupholstered 7 years ago and the woodwork was refinished at the same time.  There are 29 pews of various lengths.   Can be disassembled if needed.


PEWS:  (remember they can all be cut down as needed)

12 @ 19'6" 

12 @ 14'6"

 2 @ 12'6"

 2 @ 7'0"

 1 @ 6'0"

Contact Tim Fredrickson at



Set #5892 - Bothell, WA  SOLD


Good Shepherd Baptist Church has a very desirable set of solid oak pews in good condition.

They are stained in medium oak.  Our church is hoping to pass these pews on to benefit another community of worshippers.


There are 16 pews at 12', 1 pew at 11 feet, 2 0ews @ 12 feet (no bookrack) and 1 @ 10' (no bookrack.  Contact Michael Joseph Carey at 425-753-7586.




Set #5891 - Parkersburg WV  AVAILABLE NOW


The Salvation Army of Parkersburg has 4 pews to donate.  These are 13'6" long and padded in a light blue fabric.   There are bookracks on back.


Contact Cathy Riley at 304-485-4529 or 443-425-6447 or email her.


Set #5881 - Wisconsin Rapids WI  GONE


Faith Baptist church has a set of 32 oak veneer pews with seat cushions for free.  There are 30 @ 10' and 2 @ 8' long. 



Set #5876 - Memphis, TN GONE


Church of the Living God has 14 church pews in different sizes, in good condition for free. Contact  



Set #5854 - Rockford IL  GONE IN 4 HOURS!


North Love Baptist Church has a nice set of solid oak pews with Harvest Gold upholstery (fully upholstered) and matching chairs.   There are 22 pews at 20 feet  (can be cut down) and 36 pews at 12' long.  Also a Communion Table, Minister Chairs, book racks and cupholders.


For info contact Brad



Set #5820 - Litchfield, MN AVAILABLE NOW


Litchfield Christian Church has the following pews for sale


     22 @ 14'0" @ FREE


These pews have bookracks underneath them, the pews break down into two pieces and are supported by 3 legs. They have green cushions that come with them, they are in good shape with very little wear that can be seen. The cushions are in excellent condition. We are willing to donate the pews to a church in need. Pick up and transportation will be your responsibility. We also recommend making a small donation to this website for the ministry they have provided.


For more information please contact Tim at 320-593-3635.







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