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FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions 


about Buying Used Church Furniture




Used pews come like used cars.  They are not perfect, but for a fraction of the cost of new furniture, they will get the job done well.  You don't always have a choice of colors and styles, but fabrics can be changed, and pews can be shortened if necessary (hard to make them longer, though!)

1. How can I learn more about the pews or chairs?

Please understand that Gabriel Ministry Services does not own or possess the pews, chairs  or furniture.  They belong to the churches that want to sell them.  We are putting buyer and seller together.  In some cases, the church selling the furniture may have asked us to respond (via email) to inquiries for them, which we will do. 

 2. What about the condition of the pews?

Generally they are in pretty good condition. However, please  remember that they are used.  They will have scratches, bad places, etc.  But, in 98% of the cases they are useable as you see them.  Ask us about them, and we will tell you.  We are not trying to hide anything.

Occasionally they may need some work, but they are easy to work on.  Email us if you need ideas on refinishing or touching up your pews.

3.  I have pews, chairs or pulpits to sell... how do I list them?

Just go to our listing page and follow the three easy steps at the bottom.

4. What about delivery?

We do not offer delivery services for the pews. However, we know of several folks who do move, modify,  deliver and install pews.  See our delivery page.

5.What guarantee do we get?

We do not offer one, and the selling church probably won't either.  If you are interested in guarantee, we recommend New Church Furniture.  

6.  How do we make payment?

Payment can be made directly to the selling church, or you can use a legitimate escrow service like www.escrow.com. (This is the service EBay recommends). The first deposit will hold the pews for you. The key word is first.  When we list these for sale, they usually don't last long. We have sold some within 1 hour of listing them.

7. Is this a safe way to do business?

In a word, yes. Our service has assisted churches for many years and we have a physical office, real people, etc.  We really answer the phone, too  (if you call during business hours)  1-877-739-7453.  Take a look at our testimony page.

Keep in mind that this is a church to church transaction.  It is as safe as anything we know about.  Just make sure you are only doing business with USA or Canadian churches, missions, ministries or synagogues.

8. Why do you provide this service?

Gabriel M&C Services is in the service of Helping Churches Grow!  It is our desire to help new, small, and start up churches find the equipment (furniture) that they need to have worship services in style and comfort.  We work to that end by providing a venue for churches which have furniture to sell or give away, so that churches in need can find it easily.

All the funds from the sale of the used furniture goes directly to the church selling it.   

In other words, there is no profit to us in the buying or selling of the furniture.   

9. What about crossing the US - Canada border with pews?

Visit our page at Crossing the Border.

10. How can pews be made shorter  (cut down)?

They can be easily cut down.  Here is how....  Take the molding off around the end (be careful not to break it) and underneath there will be screws.  Look under the end for screws also.  Remove the screws and pull the end off  (might be tight).
Next, (depending on how much you are cutting back) peel back the fabric and foam. You can cut the foam with a knife or scissors as needed..  Leave enough fabric to wrap back around the end.
Then, with a Skil type (circular) or reciprocating  saw, cut  right down the back  (watch for screws/nails) and then cut the seat.   Some pews may vary in design, but you can usually cut straight down and then cut the seat, then rewrap the fabric around the end, then put the end back on.  Any carpenter should be able to do it.   Most people charge about $50-100 to cut one down.  We also have some people available to help here.

If you want the bookracks and supports to be evenly spaced, you may wish to cut down from both ends.

11. What if we need another color fabric?

Many companies specialize in pew cushions, pew upholstery and re-upholstery services. Visit  New Church Furniture for assistance.

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