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God Bless You!

Your gift helps   us continue     this important ministry service and help churches of all sizes!


Thank you for your kindness and assistance. Donations allow us to continue this ministry service and allow us to advertise your furniture in Christian magazines and on a variety of search engines including Google and Bing.


Here are several ways you can help us continue this service:

1 . Use this Paypal link below  - Signing up for a Paypal account is optional.


2 .If you prefer, you can mail a contribution check. 

Born Again Pews
5750 South 545 Rd
Kansas, OK 74347

 If you are mailing your donation, please E-Mail us to let us know. If you will e-mail a scanned copy before mailing payment, we will list you right away! 


Thank you for your support of our ministry service to Help Churches Grow! All funds that come in go towards the support of this website, our ads on the web, ads in Christian and family type magazines, and other promotion of your pews, chairs, and ministry.

Questions? Call us at 1-877-739-7453 during business hours.


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