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How can pews be made shorter (cut down)?

They can be easily cut down.  Here is how....  Take the molding off around the end (be careful not to break it) and underneath there will be screws.  Look under the end for screws also.  Remove the screws and pull the end off  (might be tight).  You can use a rubber hammer if needed.
Next, (depending on how much you are cutting back) peel back the fabric and foam. You can cut the foam with a knife or scissors as needed..  Leave enough fabric to wrap back around the end.
Then, with a Skil type (circular) or reciprocating  saw, cut  right down the back  (watch for screws/nails) and then cut the seat.   Some pews may vary in design, but you can usually cut straight down and then cut the seat, then rewrap the fabric around the end, then put the end back on.  Any carpenter should be able to do it.   Most people charge about $50-100 to cut one down.  We also have some people available to help here.

Hint:  If you want the bookracks and supports to be evenly spaced, you may wish to cut down from both ends.

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