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What's The Catch?

What's the catch?

It is a fair question, but really there is no catch.  We are here to help you and your church, and other churches across the nation.  We gets lots of positive feedback and it is a blessing for us to be able to help.  If you want us to help you, we are glad to.  But to continue to exist we have to pay our bills, so we ask for your help with a donation.



What's the cost?


As a ministry service, we do not "charge" you anything.  We do not have any "selling fees" like the auction sites.  But, just like your ministry, if we did not have financial help we would have to shut down. So we now ask for  a donation (whatever God lays on your heart).  In the past, we just suggested that churches mail us a donation after the pews sold.  Well, about 45% failed to send in anything, and it almost put us under. So now we have to ask for the donation at the time of listing.


There is no big payroll here, only part-time and volunteer help.  Our main expense is the advertising (each time you find us on the search engines they send us a bill), magazine ads and internet.


Our Advisory Board suggests 3-5% of the listing price, but it is up to you.  Some give more, some less. But if you are looking for something for nothing, you will get nothing in return.  We believe this is scriptural.  "The laborer is worthy of his hire".  "Give, and it shall be given unto you".


If you are without resources, we will still be glad to help you anyway.  Just let us know.


Just a note here, since we are providing you with a service, this donation is not tax advantaged.  However, since churches do not pay income tax anyway, this will have no effect on your church, synagogue or ministry.


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