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Who is looking at my pews?


There is a new church, ministry or temple starting somewhere each week. In addition, many smaller ministries, youth ministries, urban ministries, etc are needing seating at a value price. The need is tremendous, and ongoing.


We get, on average, 500 visits daily from people looking for used furniture. That is about 15,000 inquiries each month.  We will soon have recorded one half million visitors! We are working to increase that with our advertising schedule. Over the years we have provided this service, every set has eventually sold, with the exception of those which are given away freely.


Who will move the furniture?


The church, temple, chapel, group, etc that is buying your pews and chairs will be responsible to come and get them.  We suggest that you offer to assist with loading.  We have found the best method is to rent a  a truck from U-Haul or Ryder.  Think about it for a minute.  You can send a guy in an airplane anywhere in the US for $250 or less, rent a truck and drive it home loaded with furniture. 


You can try Craters & Freighters  (they move stuff), also.  A new service offered is called PODS - Portable on Demand Storage. They bring a container, you load, they move it or store it for you.


More info on delivery is available here.


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