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Saving Money and Buying Smart


We have acquired a limited supply of this excellent book by the Editors of Your Church Magazine!

 The Complete Church Guide to Saving Money and Buying Smart 

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$14.99 & S&H

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$8.99 &  4.75 S&H = $13.74

Availability: Usually ships within 24 - 48 hours

Edition: Paperback, 400 pages



Your purchase helps support our ministry services!  Thank you!


  You can order by calling us at 540-482-0930 or use Paypal below. 

This book is an accumulation of articles, many from YOUR CHURCH magazine, offering practical advice and common sense for church leaders on everything from selection of furniture to church loans, selecting architects, and much more. Also contains contacts for many companies offering such services. Each chapter deals with a different issue, covering nearly all the needs of churches.  Individual chapters include everything from How to buy church carpet, to hiring and firing, taxes, zoning, utilities, automated answering systems, dealing with contractors, and much, much more.

A veritable treasure chest for the church leader!    Also a great gift for pastor!

Sections Include:  


Audio Equipment

Church Furnishings

Christian Education

Finance and Law

Maintenance and Construction






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