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About Born Again Pews

Born Again Pews, founded in 2005, operates this Used Church Furniture website service to help churches find good used furniture for their worship and classroom needs. We may not always have someone in the office, but we try to answer calls during business hours, but if you miss us we promise to call back (leave your number please). Our offices are located in Kansas, Oklahoma and you can reach us by calling our office at 1-877-739-7453 or email us.

Born Again Pews 

5750 South 545 Rd

Kansas, OK 74347


We are open 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM Central Time, Monday - Friday

Mission Statement:  Helping Churches Grow

Our goal is to Help Churches Grow by creating a place of dialogue between churches that need assistance with church furnishings, and those who have excess furnishings and equipment to freely share or sell

This service helps the larger churches, but also helps small and start up churches and missions to provide a suitable worship environment. 

As a Christian  service, we primarily work with both denominational and Independent Christian churches,  Missions and Jewish Synagogues. We will also assist other related ministries and services (such as funeral services, lodges, chapels, etc) in their efforts to place or find furniture.   Anyone can purchase furniture from our listings.

Our Services:

Please Note: We do not own the used furniture, nor do we deliver it

We are simply providing this service to bring the buyers and sellers together.

Gabriel Ministries and Church Services works in conjunction with local congregations to help find a home for their used pews, chairs and pulpit furniture, as well as other church related furnishings.     Over many years we have helped hundreds of churches find good, low-cost church furniture, and we would be glad to assist your church also.  If you have pews to sell, we can help.  Please take a moment to read what others have said about us.

Unlike auction sites, we only promote the church furnishings in our advertising and promotions.  We are here to help the local church.  In a recent survey of our site and in comparing the big E auction site, we have found that 94% of our listings sell, compared to 24% on the main auction sites.  Ask for details.

If you find pews that need updating, a pew padding service, pew cushions,  refinishing or touch up, please visit our Links page.  For delivery info, go here.


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Born Again Pews is not a 501(C)3 organization, and gifts are not tax advantaged.

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